who i am ?


Me is Marie, Biathlete full time, Sports first, And dreamy at my hours ...

Welcome to the discovery of my world ...!

History  of tastes :


I like : the outdoor sports, from biking to windsurfing, by passing through the mountain in all its shapes
I like : nature, its colours, the smell of the forest after the rain, the virgin landscapes and the seasons changing
I like : chocolate first of all, the crêpes (French pancakes), the M&M's, every fruits, not every vegetables, cheese especially the Comté or the cheese of Marie... something...
I like : people who smile, I like watching speaking the beautiful mouths, I like the noise of the laughing except when I'm sleeping
I like : music when it's not too much loud, when there are piano, violoncello, guitar or saxophone. I like reading with music, drawing with music, living with music.
I like : reading while eating apples.
I like even a millions of things, such as drawing, horses and boiled eggs.

I like complaining.
I love my Lolo.
I don't like some smells (I must have a sensitive nose), I don't like very much meat, I don't like the rain when I'm under it (I hate being wet), I don't like driving (which is preferable for my entourage). I don't like full of other things because I am an eternal grumpy and unsatisfied.
Long live the rebels !!!

My favorites

The most beautiful songs :

My readings

- Ain’t no sunshine de Freddy King
- Dirty pool de Steevie Ray Vaughan
- Hey baby de Jimmy Hendrix
- Clair de lune de Debussy
- les morceaux de Chopin
- les suites pour violoncelle de bach
- I am a man of constant sorrow (musique de O brother).
Les dames du lac de Marion Zimmer Bradley
Les enfants de la terre de JM AUEL
Les romans de Fred Vargas
la joueuse de Go
La  horde du contrevent

Matter of skiing :

  My beginnings : born in Lyon, I've migrated to mountains seeking for fresh air, judging that the city was noisy, smelly and scary.
I tried alpine skiing, horse riding and cross-country skiing a little later.
First crush : his name is Gérard MANCEAU, he was then our cross-country skiing instructor and, in a way, thanks to him, I discovered, at 14 years old, the passion for effort, the love of nature and the desire of learning, by practicing skating, and by making it another way of moving !!!
Second crush : for another man : Thierry DUSSERRE. Biathlon coach of the committee of the Dauphiné. I owe him all of my beginnings in this practice and more yet...
I started biathlon at 15 years old, thanks to Thierry who was coming up then to the 7 Laux (my club) to entertain kids with a plumb rifle...

One thing leading to another, I left the Belledonne massif to reach the Vercors where I integrated the high school of sport and study in Villard-de-Lans.
Now, the kids have grown up and their dreams have changed... of a game to start, I made it my job and now, I'm watching when the snow will fall down, omen of a new season of competitions.. !!!
I finally stopped having crushes for my coaches who became more numerous, not to quote them, Polo the imperturbable and Lionel the impetuous!! But since my entry at the French Federation of Skiing, we have a lot of people who allow us to keep making our own way, always higher, there where the stars are shining !

My studies :

4Let's be studious, let's be serious !:

I'm not very curious, but I like learning nevertheless. Holder of a Scientific high school graduation, I continue my studies via a distance education at the College of Marseilles in the field I like the most : biology.
It's possible to continue to study parallel to our sport practice. Some organizations such as the French pole in Prémanon, or the college in Grenoble and its plan called "interv'al", exist particularly to allow sporty people to prepare their career change or, at least, to continue their school curriculum if they want it.
I thus got my licence of biology in Marseilles and I'm now at the college in Grenoble for 2 years, where I study a master of BEE (Biology, Ecology, Environment), and where I annoy my teachers with my schedule a bit special...
For now, I think I can finish my master 1 this 2012 year (that's one of my goals!). About the master 2... I still don't know which one to choose.
The final goal is to work in this field for which takes me to heart : ecology.
Engineering office ? research ? national parks ? nature reserves ????? education ? the future will tell... if the earth still exists, at the rate where the Man persists in upsetting...