The 13/07/2018
Diverse activities :

- End of master Ok. I do not have the notes but I think they are so fed up with me in college that they will grant me the diploma to no longer deal with Marie Dorin-Habert !! (I hesitate
 to apply for the doctorate actually !!)
I took the opportunity to forget all the English learned this winter. (I unfortunately had the proof after an interview for biathlon world this week .... "Yes I do not").

- Zecamp: order of furniture in progress, making gardens and surroundings in reflection (put a zoo? An elephant?), Decoration in progress: framing engravings.
Adèle makes suggestions: "Could we make pink rooms at the hotel or gilded?" heuuuuuu I do not know, we'll think my darling ...!

- Find nice recipes to feed my husband who spends his life on the site swallowing dust. I still serve the dishes with a little plaster to avoid disorientation.
 It's alkaline.                       .../...
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    2018 Winter Olympics (c) zoom

    from February 9 to 25, 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea

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