The 07/05/2018
 Ha. Bugger. It's hard to be good at something else without muscles.
Here is my goal of the month:
- Spend my oral english. It will be done on the 14th with more or less success.
- Make my internship thesis "Snow Storage and Global Warming". Check on May 21st.
- Make small videos on waste recycling on the Vercors Nord massif.
There, at that moment, it gets complicated ...
   On the one hand my first encounter with a camera dates from last week. (Off cell phone with integrated broken screen)
   On the other hand, my experience of go-pro was limited to go install them at the top of the two trees overlooking Zecamp to make the different "time lapse". Task that I executed with more or less success. Wasting days of photos forgetting to press the button, to connect the battery or, noticing - to the great despair of my husband - that the wire connecting this cursed camera to the camera was encrusted on the photos ... ..
Short. It does not weigh heavily.

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    2018 Winter Olympics (c) zoom

    from February 9 to 25, 2018 in PyeongChang, South Korea

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