the 18/11/2017 :
First race of the season .....
Well, I will not say that I smoke black but everything is not rosy, that's for sure!
I am ranked 20th with a clear shot. At least something to hang on to !!!
I am also satisfied with this shot which, although I had time to pitch the tent on the carpet, was rather well conducted and controlled.
Despite trembling legs, despite the omnipresent stress. And yes, the older I am, the more stress I am subject to.
It's crazy. Yet taking a lot of perspective on everything,
 being convinced of not being in danger of death when wearing a bib is stronger than me.
So I try yoga. a little.

In short all that to say that I picked up on skis: 1min20. (in lost time on the head) In the momentum of my performance of Féclaz, I look like anemic slug.

But today, the sensations were however better than three weeks ago, (maybe it's even more serious at once!) I have the feeling of not being able to ski quickly, to do
 to work my muscles at full speed.

It is for these reasons that I will start the mass start tomorrow. To try to clear the machine.
We'll see.

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