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2 the 13/11/2017 :
Back in Norway, with the golden light of short evenings, for the last stage of the season, my favorite..

In Susjoen, ski conditions top, not much snow but the sensations of sliding are good and the sky is clear.
It had been a long time since I had seen the stars shine so brightly. It's cool when the night is not artificially lit!
So here we are for 5 weeks in a row. Except problem.
In the cottage blondes, it gauze. (without bad word games!)
It's simple in the team 3 blondes, 3 brunettes. After knowing where the brains are, it's another pair of sleeve .. probably among the most experienced (another word to say old)

The 06/11/2017 :
Winter is here....

Even if this morning Adèle was not able to go to school skiing (to her great regret) the snow prevents us from putting on skis with wheels.
and the coat is not enough for skiing ... so luckily we have running shoes!
Soon the departure to Norway and the beginning of the serious things.
The sensations are not very good, however, the naughty they take a little time to manifest.

from 12 to 22/10/2017:
To change, I decided to share with you what will be my last internship in Oberhof.
My last tunnel ride.
My last creepy fog.
to read day after day ...

day 1
Journey to the land of fog. Strike in France ... humhum stuck in the plane for 2h before takeoff, already it starts not well. But with a good book the hours pass. This allowed the fog to install its gray screed on the site to welcome us.
Day 2:
First day of skiing. It's funny, it seems to me long !!
But the pleasure of putting on the skis and finding the sensations of gliding is still there.
2 This tunnel is a symbol of the fight against AIDS.
A tough 3min 30 (paceous) so the return on the same track also lasts 3min30. So two round-trip lasts almost 15 min. So it takes 16 to do 2 hours. Fortunately, the session is coupled to a shooting niche (and yes, on the shot in the tunnel!), So for an hour on can associate our little tricks with a shot ... which changes the count of the turns are smaller if you want to shoot a lot.
Complicated eh ??
So that's what I spend my time on, the brain busy with clever calculations to know how many laps I have to make before the end of the session.
Sometimes even when my brain is particularly perceptive, I count the number of turns I have left before the end of the stage.
But it is rare. Unfortunately I'm not as smart.
Then came the time for the siesta.
And also of the session of the aprem. During which, on a home trainer I applied myself to turn my legs reading the modes of reproduction of the animal world.
 Very interesting !! Did you know that I am a house sparrow, who thinks being a child on children, less suspect, than they are of him !!!
Or that the hedgehog, a possessive strand after mating blocks the genital orifice of his partner with a cork !!!!
In short, I learn well as you see.
Then came the time of night
Day 3 :
Upon awakening: fog.
Today is fast. I do not know why. I had to be focused on skiing. The session of speed (small short sprints and tonics) is for something also.
Our new outfits make competition with my skin color, I hope that the latter will not outbid, so how to outbid? Flashing? I hope I can not.
At the end of the session, we were expecting a miracle: from the blue sky !!!! Cool, so this aprem I go out, I'm a crazy, I'll run.
Day 4 :
Same panorama on waking: a low, gray, heavy sky, like the pockets under my eyes.
Luckily I arrive late at breakfast and the service has delivered mangoes to the buffet. It's a bit of a disruption, I usually do not.
On the program this morning: session of intervals 2x8x30 "/ 30". A little bit of "vazy vazy" makes me a little more uncomfortable.
The icing on the cake I test my skis, my new skis which I hope will conform to my wishes: "ski quickly without effort and shoot well without faults".
The snow is soft in this tunnel, hard to "good" ski but the energy is there. During this course we have a small shooting challenge, set up by Polo, with various exercises focusing on quality, but also speed of execution etc ... We even have the right to a joker during the course, where our points of the day will be doubled on condition of having announced it the same morning.
I have not yet dared to take it ....
Day 5:
Already it was nice this morning when I woke up, so I got up with the big potato.
In addition my last dreams were pretty sweet alongside a handsome brown who was not my husband.
Oops, do not imagine stuff, it's just that these dreams, disturbing though they are, are rather pleasant and contribute to my good mood.
Short. I pass.
The meeting went quickly too.
I love it when it is intense, there was a threshold (speed just below the race pace) it allows to ski at good speed by applying
 technically, to be filmed and therefore to work in this direction for the following days.
In shooting .... bof bof, everything went well until the last shot where I completely left the ship before the hour. By dropping my last two balls into the scenery.
I hope I did not hamper the tunnel by missing my targets ...
Tomorrow I recover myself and smash the targets.
But suddenly I lose points on our little challenge.
The afternoon passed quickly, in spite of my disappointment to rust one hour on the home trainer while it is nice outside (Because I have a foam foot that bores me grave ... so I try to unload the stress to the max in the afternoons)
So I could finish my magazine on animal reproduction. Maybe my dreams come from there! But to all those who claim "It's not in nature" would be really surprised to see what is actually done in the nature !! Homosexuality, pleasure, violence, fidelity, y'en has for everyone !!
Yesterday evening on the phone (my moment of pleasure to me) Adele told me "cacaboudin hahaha" before returning the phone to his dad crying "I finished" as when it is on the pot ...
I hope to have a shorter and more constructive exchange tonight.
Day 6 :
After a horrible night because of a bacterial attack on my person, I raise my head in a vise, my nose caught and my mouth pasty.
This is the result of skiing in the tunnel.
Cooling + low riri = the burst.
So this morning small shooting session and roulette ski under a radiant sun (this year Oberhof makes me lie about his reputation).
Luckily this afternoon was the game.
The Match.
Team of technicians against team of coaches. And we in pompom girls relou who scream for nothing.
Of course we were for the technicians, except nanas who was for the ball. It was also he who scored the most goal !!
Well, we can not say we brought luck to our team. They lost 3-2. But it was a fun time

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Day 7:
It's relapse. I fly my debris of the brain with a lamentable air, the nose saturated with the odor of essential oils that "I do not even feel" !!
My morale is falling too. A little. So, nostalgic, I listen to sad music.
The worst thing is that I do it on purpose. Not the disease eh, but the music sad and everything and everything.
It's as if I voluntarily put my body in "off" mode, leaving it to wish to wander into my nebulous universe.
On the training side, nothing of egg. Quiet shoot sessions with a little shot in the middle. Mine of nothing it is in those moments that the shooting is difficult.
I am so mollasse that the target takes advantage to taunt me with his black eye.
Today she has been a bit mad at me.
The aprem, turning my legs which I find quite white compared to this summer (well yes, I also like to do the pin-up with the tanned mine) on the home trainer I had the impression of do not serve anything.
I was not advancing. I turned, turned, turned almost into a trance circulating blood, circulating my microbes towards the exit. I sweated a lot.
If it gets better tomorrow, I'll try the tunnel again.
Day 8 :
Morning in the tunnel that seemed a bit long. The time for the rediscovery of the glide has passed and the environment in reinforced concrete loses its charm.
3Morning in the tunnel that seemed a bit long. The time for the rediscovery of the glide has passed and the environment in reinforced concrete loses its charm.
Again a speed session with our friends journalists !!
And yes, ransom of success, one day per internship is open to the media. Images in the morning on workouts and interviews in the afternoon with a schedule to hold and everything and everything. Do not laugh here!
Luckily it's going well and they're cool.

The flagship issue of the year, after "will you get the yellow jersey?"
of last year is: "Is this your last season" !!
It must be due to the little wrinkles that gloriously decorate the outline of my eyes.
But mystery and rubber ball !! I do not yield to the pressure of their insistent questions !!!

The day 9, 10, 11 and 12 have not been retransmitted for lack of internet connection !!
In goldfish, by dint of turning in circles or nose my brain debris by the nose, I have more gray matter and will be unable to do a retrospective summarizing the latest events.

5But we left Oberhof to compete in the French Championships in La Féclaz.
After the very good sensations of the beginning of training, I gradually degraded to ....... tumble this weekend!
Difficult races for me, with the sprint a big cold shower when my speed of movement on the skis .... it's simple, I felt like pushing heavy and huge railway rails.
My legs, stiff as pieces of wood only barely pushing on these funny skateboarding. The breath short, without rhythm I ended painfully in 6th place despite a correct shot (a fault on the bed).
So hard to digest this form, these difficult sensations of intense fatigue and this race where I have yet used!
Today, during the pursuit, my legs responded a little better to the requirements of my sport. Phew, without being very reassured, I was a little more master of my body.
On the other hand this time it's the head that failed me .... I explode completely on my last shot and spring turn three times on the ring of pena ..... bououououou !!!
All crazy the camp !! Even the weather, which after the hot sun of the last day, brought us the snow today !!!
Short. These races as a reminder sting:
Attention, relax ... !!! Heal your nose as it should ..... The work is behind now, recovery otherwise ... poop boudin as it seems Adele .... !!!

The 03/10/2017 :

Week a little more cool (although with two "ct2": sessions of musculation demanding that consists of chain exercises during 15 min without break with load.
Good you do not understand anything normal, to us sportsmen we do not ask not to understand but just to stupidly push or to stupidly raise or breathe foolishly)
But these are the last three of the year. Cool
Before leaving for the black fir trees of Oberhof (already the 10) I take full advantage of our colorful and mossy forests, with the light grazing season it is a feast
Sometimes it happens that the wolf finds itself on our plate .... Not even afraid!
In the Habert family one eats it willingly.
Another photo: "passion of little girl" last August ... a nice walk with our friends on all fours, I love it

1                                                 2
End of the training course of Arçon. Skiing back on the road for a week. It's okay.
I manage the foot and consolidate it by eating the local Comté. it consolidates not badly.
The trees have turned yellow during our stay, I imagine that we will have to make a detour in the corners to mushrooms during our days of recovery!
Small time to finish this morning, then long road come back home. The monster is waiting for me at the end. Cool !
photos of training course in Arçon and my partner" le Comté"
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The 16/09/2017 :

Holy month of September ... Every year he reserves new surprises for me. Bad ones often. Last year a good period of fatigue indefatigable.
This year a good crash (and those who have it can testify that it is tough!) And a small worry to the foot that should (very soon?) Pass. In short, I did not start the races either today or tomorrow. But I am on the other hand a secret mission on the site of hostilities. Invisible but well present !!
We will stay for 10 days in Arçon for a training course where I would put my foot in my skate shoes (Monday?). The nose on the nose.
The karacho (machine to make the arms strong) and I are fed up with each other. So I'm a little patient. And I take the opportunity to watch change the sheets of color and scroll the big gray clouds that pour without mercy on the runners of the weekend .... Autumn is here. According to some the animals have already taken the hair, sign that the winter will be precocious and cold. Who will be right ??? See you soon...!!

 2The 04/09/2017

It's back to school !! Pink skirt for the little girl. Mom beautiful blue shorts... Drive to training.
This is an overflowing motivation for the whole family, provided that the hard work goes on !!

I am happy to do the school program again.
For the moment I think I can follow the coloring without too much problem.

September is there with the grisaille and like a change of smell ...
last quarter of training before the big white!

The 16/08/2017

Small internship in the South Vercors and Trièves Devoluy (and yes again !!)
Why ?
Because it's not far.
Because it's beautiful.
Because there is nobody on the road to honk a ski wheel (although ...)
Because holidays in 5 star hotel with traffic (thank you Uncle!)
  it's great !

Because the culinary specialty of the hotel traffic: "tuna pasta" is fabulous in the evening after 4 hours of training ...
2 Because it's relaxing to think only of training and preparation of tuna pasta ...
Because suddenly I take advantage of it to train me a lot because tuna pasta is good but it is not long ...

And especially because the landscapes of the nature reserve of the high plateaux of the Vercors, the col de Menée, the peeled massive Dévoluy, the mountain bike trails, the collars ideal for skiing wheel .....
  Tasse pas .... it has a little taste of "come back" !!