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The 01/10/2018
Hello !!!
Here are the new dates of our Alpinum-Zecamp courses !!
If you liked to meet us last time, the rest is here!
There is just one (the) coach who (slightly) fattened ... remains to know who!
Feel free to register here :

Le club biathlon loisir

See you soon for new adventures!

The 31/08/2018
We are slowly entering my favorite season.
It feels. In the morning, at night, a smell of fresh and wet, a smell of humus. Still quite weak and quickly evaporated with the sun of the day but the smell of autumn lurks, waiting for mid-September to take its rights on the summer.
I love autumn. I love the colors of nature, the cooler weather, the falling evening light, which is more yellow too. And then I find that the air is clearer.
This is the ideal time for mountain biking and riding. Ideal also to get lost on the hiking trails and get high.
It's the beginning of mushrooms ... hummum and compotes of apples, pears, plums. And the chiasse that goes with it!
Athlete, it was the beginning of serious things. A little bit of ... "more than a few weeks before the races! And the girl who goes with it!
There I will not have any races.
Finally, if another race: the opening of Zecamp looming in the distance ... .. and work that never ends ....
And then there is back to school. More mine, it's finished that too!
But that of the beautiful Adèle who grows up grows ... .. oulalalalala it smells of autumn and nostalgia !!!
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The 28/08/2018
Hello !!!
For the release of the film  #UnNouveauJourSurTerre on September 5 in the cinema, we will mobilize to preserve our planet. It's OK ? 🌏
Like me, post a photo of yourself with a stuffed toy of a threatened species.
Tag me, @ and @paramountpicturesfrance.
1 photo = 1 ha of preserved forest in Ecuador 🐦
I count on you, every move is important 🤝
Places for the film are up for the best photos 🎁😉 Nature, as you've never seen it before.

#ZeiWorld #ForABetterWorld #MotherNature #MobilisonsNous

The 20/08/2018
Small cultural apartment .... I will be part of the Jury that will award the various artistic prizes on the competition of the marsh of Montfort: "identity M".
Besides, do you know this marsh?
What does "swamp" mean to you?
"marsh, swamp, quagmire, pond, peat bog", all these environments where the primary elements mix, earth, water, sky with the particular aura ...
Mud, mosquitoes, frogs, dragonflies .... ???
An atmosphere of noises and gurgles of stagnant water, a mauve mist confusing the darker contours of tortuous shrubs. Buckthorn, willows, birches ....
And then the frogs .... In concert every night, held in green and brown pageantry, they give voice and the whole thing always reminds me of the song of Steve Warring: "the frogs" where they put themselves suddenly to speak the language of people.
Short. The marsh brings out in us an imaginary peculiar to everyone, a strange and intriguing world that attracts us and scares us.
I invite you to visit the marsh of Montfort. On the butterfly trail. Discover this universe and its function.
And then the works of the artists ... !!

Last internship for "Biathlon Family"! for this summer. With as a bonus a great competition worthy of the most beautiful events !!! Bibs to support, we take the same and we start again.
Always beautiful encounters, a few drops of rain (see torrential water) but beautiful moments shared, thank you to all participants.
The continuation of the program on September 10 ....
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Zecamp goes ahead, Lois's hair is getting brighter ... I'm wondering if it's related .....
The parquet floor is slowly raised thanks to our anonymous volunteer workers and the building grows, reveals itself, is adorned with beautiful ornaments to match the colors of autumn.
Our first tomatoes blush .....
My belly grows.
Everything is fine. 1
The 24/07/2018
So here ......... you will not believe me.
But look closely at the photos attached. Do not dwell too much on the blonde nunuche or on the big dadet in the yellow T-shirt.
Concentrate on the type of medium.
Noooon girls, we do not say "he is handsome kid", I just ask you if by chance you would not have the impression of having already seen him somewhere.
Kind with an orange balloon in the hands, where doing a jump of 2m hanging on a basket ....That's it, the gear starts to turn ....
 .... not him ????
.... If I swear to you, him. HIM !!!!
... But what does he come to Villard ??? There's basketball in Villard ???

..... CChhhhhuuuut it's a secret. But he was there, in the flesh. . Tony Parker.
 Crazy stuff.
I will never wash my right hand again. Neither cheeks. We will not clean up Zecamp. There are footprints on our terrace. We will burn them.
Very nice meeting so. There are some who are lucky ....!

The 13/07/2018
Diverse activities :

- End of master Ok. I do not have the notes but I think they are so fed up with me in college that they will grant me the diploma to no longer deal with Marie Dorin-Habert !! (I hesitate
 to apply for the doctorate actually !!)
I took the opportunity to forget all the English learned this winter. (I unfortunately had the proof after an interview for biathlon world this week .... "Yes I do not").

- Zecamp: order of furniture in progress, making gardens and surroundings in reflection (put a zoo? An elephant?), Decoration in progress: framing engravings.
Adèle makes suggestions: "Could we make pink rooms at the hotel or gilded?" heuuuuuu I do not know, we'll think my darling ...!

- Find nice recipes to feed my husband who spends his life on the site swallowing dust. I still serve the dishes with a little plaster to avoid disorientation.
 It's alkaline.                   
- Watch videos of my daughter on vacation at the sea with her grandparents and tell me that it must be well there given the little time she gives me on the phone! "Hello mom, the trampoline
 it's great ... you know, "she hung up.

- Writing project for the Salamander in reflection on the march. Walking? What is it ????

- Tracking mountain bike on the plateau ....

- Reflection on the name of the future child. (do not ask Adèle who has a weakness for "Snow White, Cinderella, Elsa, Anna, Olaf)

Short. We are dealing here. The weather is nice. it's not too hot. It's summer. We are good.
Small pictures made with Nordic mag !!! Very pretty (the photos huh, not the chick !!).
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The 02/07/2018
Report of the weekend ... Coach Biathlon !!!
That's it, I went to the other side of the binocular .... look at the impacts, try to give advice, find exercises to find a click ....
Not simple !!!
So I participated in my first biathlon recreation course.
Internship that allows anyone wishing to live biathlon "for real!" to play with our Rifles.

So I experienced seeing my rifle, my little jewelry, in the hands of Julie, one of our trainees!
I had the impression of a passing relay. A continuity in the reconversion of my old work tool!
I even had the impression to hear him say "nice, I'm not finished!".
A morning that has passed quickly, too focused not to say stupidity (as far as possible) and to adapt my session to different levels.
Photos in support. Thanks to the initiates who I hope, had a nice half day with us!
I take this opportunity to give you a link to the courses in July and August, open to all, do not hesitate my carbine does not like unemployment!
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1The 28/06/2018
And here is one of my occupations last week: the baptism of a customs star !!!
A very nice memory that comes to finish the ski chapter at the side of the Customs.
A beautiful symbol to have been chosen for godmother. What links me now with the story of this boat that I hope will be beautiful.
I bequeathed my "four-leaf" clover to the star in order to bring a good eye on the crew and their boat!
If the clover god is as indulgent towards the Libecciu as he has been towards me, the success of the missions is assured !!
Moreover, since I left my clover it only happens to me things ... I laugh!We can not thank enough the two administrations that support us and allow us to perform at a high level. (Customs and Army).

I take the opportunity to add (and sell the skin of the bear without killing him because I do not have my notes!) That I am since this morning holds my Master 2 Biology Ecology Environment !!! Whew !!!!!!
Finally ! I wonder if I will not claim the title of doctor with the time spent on this diploma!
In short, another page of checked, another adventure that ends !!
See you soon,
The 26/06/2018
Pfffffff time flies and scrolls. And I try to weave my web with this thread that goes through my fingers. And whoever escapes me, too much to do, the Habert couple looks like a weather vane in the eye of the cyclone: unable to score a time out!
Finally sometimes I get there. Lois can not do it. So I do not even know what day of the week we are, not practical to take Adele to school ...! And I mix between presentation of zecamp, end of study (dead line thursday..😉) I make ratatouille, normal it's season!
And then summer is coming now. Hot and beautiful. Who makes you want to resume training sorry to play sports .... !!!!
A small word that will go better tomorrow!
 2The 04/06/2018
Small break. A week out of time to sail to other horizons, to the rhythm of the wind and the waves. Cradled by the roll of the bridge and the sound of the cloth that stretches and creaks.
Charming by the story of the sailors who opened for a moment the door of their liquid world.
The eyes filled with paradisiacal landscapes, the feet sunk in the white and soft sand (yes, it is soft sand there) or even with mask and snorkel to watch the sharks that-I-wished-to-see-but-without Really wish-them-see-and-that-finally-I-saw-egg-in-the-teeth.
The Seychelles welcomed us for a week, aboard small boats, for a Regatta: "Seychelles Regata" alongside the greatest French sailors. "Desjoyaux, Cammas, Gabard ..."
These names I heard in a distracted ear on the radio, when they returned from the Vendée Globe or other single-handed race, and rang in my head like the characters of fairy tales. Names of travelers that I mix with those of pirates, their treasures, the discoveries of the Magellan, Christopher Columbus, Darwin and all. But all of them share a passion for boats, and huge oceans that they roam alone.
Huge respect.
 Especially since the boat is pitching. Even at calm seas with very little wind I spent most of the navigation lying on the deck like a big, unsuccessful tuna. And I took advantage of my skin of tuna to imagine what could feel the skippers crossing the fortieth roaring night, lost in the middle of the salt water ... I not so much managed to make me an idea with the wind of 8 knots, the temperature of 27 ° C and the hot water of the tropics ...
But I came to the conclusion that the boat was not made for me at all.
There must be an end to some dreams, no?
Who has not dreamed of crossing a harbor? Choose the most beautiful boat, imagine going on great adventures? No ?? Liars!
Well, I will NEVER go around the world by boat. Too hard. Except if progress and science make a boat that frees itself from the permanent roll of the floating cap.
Ok, it's called an airplane and it already exists ...! Nevertheless, if I go back to a port, I would choose the bike parked on the pontoon for my world tour. Each his own.
Despite everything, I loved the experience, loved the stories, loved the sailors. I'll be almost ready to do it again. It's my little SM side.
Back to my 8 degrees and the cold rain of the Vercors, I'm still looking for coconut trees ....
And then life resumes its course, crazy, with the phone and the mails ....

The 07/05/2018
 Ha. Bugger. It's hard to be good at something else without muscles.
Here is my goal of the month:
- Spend my oral english. It will be done on the 14th with more or less success.
- Make my internship thesis "Snow Storage and Global Warming". Check on May 21st.
- Make small videos on waste recycling on the Vercors Nord massif.
There, at that moment, it gets complicated ...
   On the one hand my first encounter with a camera dates from last week. (Off cell phone with integrated broken screen)
   On the other hand, my experience of go-pro was limited to go install them at the top of the two trees overlooking Zecamp to make the different "time lapse". Task that I executed with more or less success. Wasting days of photos forgetting to press the button, to connect the battery or, noticing - to the great despair of my husband - that the wire connecting this cursed camera to the camera was encrusted on the photos ... ..
Short. It does not weigh heavily.
Not conclusive huh?
And here I am invested with a mission, at the head of a blockbuster (I typed the definition = big budget movie which is completely the case) on a subject that fascinates me and that I really wish to highlight.
Slim. ZERO talent. Zero experience, the camera does not feel safe in my hands and the go-pro refuses to light up. My waves seem harmful.
Especially since in interview I am not extremely good either:
While listening to a soundtrack that I made last week with a recycling associations, I heard my voice (horrible elsewhere) to question: "What are you doing at supportive cooking ......? Haaaaaa !!
Marie Dorin-Habert, French Academy Hello ....

Another time, I let Jacky talk: an active member of Cuisine Solidaire, an association that recovers unsold copies of the date of consumption to re-condition and distribute them to families in need. He explained to me the operation of the association, still dressed as a cook ... .. It was captivating. But I forgot to press the record button.

Short. And yet, beyond the operation of these detestable devices and my incompetence, that beautiful meetings .. !! I am admiring to see what a handful of motivated people manages to create, of the solidarity movement that it institutes, the power to share, to give, to make happy ...
I think that changes me, but I too, who is already convinced of the need to retrain, it touches something else deeper: the gift of self.
All these volunteers, who started from nothing, a united impulse, a handshake and who, every day, every week harvest, sort, sew, repair, cook, welcome and share with a huge smile their kindness to other people: me, you, us.

It really puts pressure on me. I have to make something drinkable. More than drinking. A tuc that makes him want too. So I try.
Case to follow ......

Meanwhile, here is one of the beautiful meetings that I have been able to do in recent weeks: "green and co" that are currently responding to a call for projects to build a counter of the transition on the Vercors North. Idea box, barter, workshop, coffee in bulk, a place to gather, where to find information to exchange materials, goods and especially good time! They need you .... vote !!!!

The 06/05/2018
Here is another project that I hope will be nice.
Another small challenge: to make accessible a sport that is practiced in France only in competition.
Allow everyone to tamper with the rifle detents, feel the lead and sweat ... to understand the workings that take place gradually over the course of sessions .... a tentative start, unskillful gestures that gently s affirm and there, the addictive mechanism of the game and the obsession of the whitening target enters the scene with its train of head and moment of pleasure!
In short, good times to share where I intend to appear as a rabbit in a black hat, attracted by the smell of lead to fill a gap ... who ... gradually ... moved .... .

to know more

The 22/04/2018
Hellloooowwwwww !!
Back on earth !!! Landing smoothly, small break writing in the middle of all this bazaar to organize ...
You think there are people who are busy all the time? Who always have something to do and especially who are convinced that it is very important?
Well, I'm one of those people.

One day's annoying, always  annoying.
In machine mode. The stop button is stopped so we do not stop it is easier. On the program since the last race:
First a small evening. Organized by this Nanas the threat or all old retirees (even older than me) came to spend a moment with me. Really nice.

Now English.
Where is my umbrella?
Always in the kitchen.
And Bryan?
in the kitchen too.
Well, what's in this kitchen?
So in my kitchen I improve my english to donf.
On the word of plants. More exactly "how trees talk to trees?"
It's cool. They talk with mushrooms. Amazing no? Well, trees love mushrooms and use them to send messages ... so now when I eat a cep that makes me funny ....
Then there is my internship that starts tomorrow at the CCMV (community of commune of the Massif du Vercors), Sustainable development, ecology, waste, water, energy renovation program. Interesting.
Objective: end of the master in June.

Then there is Zecamp.
There, splash,
I'm drowning. And then I run like a brick. Normal too, without sport I am heavy.
And the blocks, the wooden beams, the drywall etc ... it's heavy.
So I train everyone in the bottom with the fish.
There, the savior arrives.
My Lolo.
He is everywhere, he screws placo plates and terrace boards, he organizes barbecue for the workers, he orders tiling, he answers to the bankers. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Better than Schwarzenegger. In less hut.

Fortunately. The building does not care about my drowning and keeps pushing like a mushroom (still them ??) not thanks to me, a wing is out of water out of the air.
(I like this sentence "ordoordair" it's a little style I know building), the ball starts the morning, the electrician waltz with the plaquiste who deviates to let the plumber but there Suddenly a carpenter appears in moon walk ..... in short. it's like a hive.

After, there is the garden. The record temperatures that made us go from winter to summer without transition put pressure on us. So I fight on my plants. Permaculture.
I try. But I do not have a green thumb and everything I grow comes up shortly after. Well, never mind. Dandelion salad on the menu and nettle soup. At least it pushes it alone.

After there is a little comfort anyway with small outings rando .... Even if the snow melts, it is too good !!!
And then in every step is the life of every day.
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The one that I actually discover (because you figure that I no longer have the right to complain.)
When I say "I'm tired" I do not trigger any reaction.
When I say "I have a little back pain" nothing either. Not a single massage is looming on the horizon.
When I say "I slept badly" I'm told "we do not care"

By cons when I say "It's time for a drink" I do not use a glass of water.
When I see chocolate, I do not close the closet with tears in my eyes.
When I play sports I go to block and then suddenly I stop. Without feeling guilty.
And I'm not doing my bag anymore. I burned them all.
hahahahahahahhahahaha !!!! Long live retirement !!!!

Finally, I'll just let you, if you feel like it, follow me in this new adventure Zecamp. On this new book that I just opened, I scribbled a little trick of the style:
"come to us it's us we're nice" but in fact it's for the show.
We will keep you informed of the progress of the beast.
I keep this account face of goat.
See you soon