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1February 17, 2020
Live from Antholz.
Who believed it, I shed my little tear ... and yes, sport has the power to communicate very strong emotions.
Being on site, commenting on the races with Team 21, not being used for much but happy to reconnect with this sport which built me ??as a woman.
I attended Emilien's coronation after this exciting pursuit to follow.
And Emilien so incredible on this last lap.
In short. I wanted to celebrate the medal ceremony and I felt my eyes moisten at the sight of Emilien climbing on the first step.
I am a sensitive woman.National anthems are great to hear after a competition. They are powerful. Because yesterday the new World Champion represented this insolent and sparkling France of youth and daring.
Emilien made history yesterday.

Here it is winter. And I'm happy to live it for at least 10 days this season .... so I get the most out of it and try to ski as soon as I have the time.
Cross-country skiing, ski touring, everything is good to take and I therefore swallow the kilometers of daily snow in bulimia.
History to put me full legs and return tired at night.

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image 1January 20, 2020

Yéééééééééé !!

Skiing, a magic sport, a unique sport, which unfortunately depends on the cold and the snow ...
Since the start of winter I have been gnawing, rusting, getting angry and mumbling!
But today hhhhhhhhhhh too good, too cool, gliding and breath of fresh air, skis on my feet I feel like wings !!

Château Julien, magic always works. I do not get enough.
In short, 7km from Zecamp, good skiing guaranteed, cannon snow and then then .... in a little "watch out for stones" mode, you join Malaterre and his witch and again, tiptopmoumoute the track is beautiful, the gliding is good and takes us to the belvedere of Château Julien which I plan to privatize.

After Paris, it feels good !!

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image 1January 8, 2020
January 2020. Which rhymes with dorin, with nothing, with fir, with good and buddy and lots of other clever things.
I dream of something that rhymes with sliding, with skiing, with snow too ....
I dance on full moon evenings, I implore the blue of the sky and the cold air ... where is the Snow Queen?
Another muddle I bet. Instead we have blue, and frost that covers the grass with a layer of icing sugar, frozen delicacy that sparkles at daybreak.
The mist also rises in the Lans plain, wrapping the farms of the Vercors in mystery.
I go down to work by bike in ski instructor clothes. Without skis.
See you soon on a background that I hope is whiter ...

December 22, 2019

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Souvenir of a nice weekend: thank you to Martin, Quentin, Émilien, Simon, Fabien, anto, Nanas, Justine, Celia, Julia, Chloe, Caro and all the emotions you make us live!

November 30, 2019
Back to biathlon !!
How it misses the Scandinavian sunsets !!
Join me on the TV team to follow the biathlon world cup events on TV,
November 25, 2019
And here are some pictures of holidays in Sardinia, last break before attacking the season.
Well winter is, the big season of the hotel, comments on the team, biathlon on TV, skiing too, even cushy granny like me ... !!
There, the pasta was good and the Sardinians nice but I ogled on the snow of the Vercors .... to find nothing in return!
The holidays in hotel traffic is nothing better: in November it is night at 5am so we eat at 6am pasta tuna and we go to bed at 8am.
As it is day at 8am we get up at 8am which makes 12h spent in a horizontal position to rest if my calculations are good.
As young parents, nights of 12 hours are a luxury very appreciated by the brave ones.
I must be very brave.

I even had time to read a book. It's been a long time !!
I read a good "in the forest" it even made me want to write a new book. A fiction this time.
In short, I should find the time.
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Where are you from my book .... Not too disappointed? Because if ever I write a second will want to read it at once.
So my reasoning: if you found the first draw you will not want to read the next one. So do not read too much the first to want to read the second! ??
I believe that boredom is inspiring. That's what these holidays taught me: sometimes you have to know how to do nothing to want to do. You follow me ?
Go and wait for him to snow.