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Not conclusive huh?
And here I am invested with a mission, at the head of a blockbuster (I typed the definition = big budget movie which is completely the case) on a subject that fascinates me and that I really wish to highlight.
Slim. ZERO talent. Zero experience, the camera does not feel safe in my hands and the go-pro refuses to light up. My waves seem harmful.
Especially since in interview I am not extremely good either:
While listening to a soundtrack that I made last week with a recycling associations, I heard my voice (horrible elsewhere) to question: "What are you doing at supportive cooking ......? Haaaaaa !!
Marie Dorin-Habert, French Academy Hello ....

Another time, I let Jacky talk: an active member of Cuisine Solidaire, an association that recovers unsold copies of the date of consumption to re-condition and distribute them to families in need. He explained to me the operation of the association, still dressed as a cook ... .. It was captivating. But I forgot to press the record button.

Short. And yet, beyond the operation of these detestable devices and my incompetence, that beautiful meetings .. !! I am admiring to see what a handful of motivated people manages to create, of the solidarity movement that it institutes, the power to share, to give, to make happy ...
I think that changes me, but I too, who is already convinced of the need to retrain, it touches something else deeper: the gift of self.
All these volunteers, who started from nothing, a united impulse, a handshake and who, every day, every week harvest, sort, sew, repair, cook, welcome and share with a huge smile their kindness to other people: me, you, us.

It really puts pressure on me. I have to make something drinkable. More than drinking. A tuc that makes him want too. So I try.
Case to follow ......

Meanwhile, here is one of the beautiful meetings that I have been able to do in recent weeks: "green and co" that are currently responding to a call for projects to build a counter of the transition on the Vercors North. Idea box, barter, workshop, coffee in bulk, a place to gather, where to find information to exchange materials, goods and especially good time! They need you .... vote !!!!

The 06/05/2018
Here is another project that I hope will be nice.
Another small challenge: to make accessible a sport that is practiced in France only in competition.
Allow everyone to tamper with the rifle detents, feel the lead and sweat ... to understand the workings that take place gradually over the course of sessions .... a tentative start, unskillful gestures that gently s affirm and there, the addictive mechanism of the game and the obsession of the whitening target enters the scene with its train of head and moment of pleasure!
In short, good times to share where I intend to appear as a rabbit in a black hat, attracted by the smell of lead to fill a gap ... who ... gradually ... moved .... .

to know more

The 22/04/2018
Hellloooowwwwww !!
Back on earth !!! Landing smoothly, small break writing in the middle of all this bazaar to organize ...
You think there are people who are busy all the time? Who always have something to do and especially who are convinced that it is very important?
Well, I'm one of those people.

One day's annoying, always  annoying.
In machine mode. The stop button is stopped so we do not stop it is easier. On the program since the last race:
First a small evening. Organized by this Nanas the threat or all old retirees (even older than me) came to spend a moment with me. Really nice.

Now English.
Where is my umbrella?
Always in the kitchen.
And Bryan?
in the kitchen too.
Well, what's in this kitchen?
So in my kitchen I improve my english to donf.
On the word of plants. More exactly "how trees talk to trees?"
It's cool. They talk with mushrooms. Amazing no? Well, trees love mushrooms and use them to send messages ... so now when I eat a cep that makes me funny ....
Then there is my internship that starts tomorrow at the CCMV (community of commune of the Massif du Vercors), Sustainable development, ecology, waste, water, energy renovation program. Interesting.
Objective: end of the master in June.

Then there is Zecamp.
There, splash,
I'm drowning. And then I run like a brick. Normal too, without sport I am heavy.
And the blocks, the wooden beams, the drywall etc ... it's heavy.
So I train everyone in the bottom with the fish.
There, the savior arrives.
My Lolo.
He is everywhere, he screws placo plates and terrace boards, he organizes barbecue for the workers, he orders tiling, he answers to the bankers. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Better than Schwarzenegger. In less hut.

Fortunately. The building does not care about my drowning and keeps pushing like a mushroom (still them ??) not thanks to me, a wing is out of water out of the air.
(I like this sentence "ordoordair" it's a little style I know building), the ball starts the morning, the electrician waltz with the plaquiste who deviates to let the plumber but there Suddenly a carpenter appears in moon walk ..... in short. it's like a hive.

After, there is the garden. The record temperatures that made us go from winter to summer without transition put pressure on us. So I fight on my plants. Permaculture.
I try. But I do not have a green thumb and everything I grow comes up shortly after. Well, never mind. Dandelion salad on the menu and nettle soup. At least it pushes it alone.

After there is a little comfort anyway with small outings rando .... Even if the snow melts, it is too good !!!
And then in every step is the life of every day.
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The one that I actually discover (because you figure that I no longer have the right to complain.)
When I say "I'm tired" I do not trigger any reaction.
When I say "I have a little back pain" nothing either. Not a single massage is looming on the horizon.
When I say "I slept badly" I'm told "we do not care"

By cons when I say "It's time for a drink" I do not use a glass of water.
When I see chocolate, I do not close the closet with tears in my eyes.
When I play sports I go to block and then suddenly I stop. Without feeling guilty.
And I'm not doing my bag anymore. I burned them all.
hahahahahahahhahahaha !!!! Long live retirement !!!!

Finally, I'll just let you, if you feel like it, follow me in this new adventure Zecamp. On this new book that I just opened, I scribbled a little trick of the style:
"come to us it's us we're nice" but in fact it's for the show.
We will keep you informed of the progress of the beast.
I keep this account face of goat.
See you soon
From March 30th to April 1st, 2018 French Championship at Prémanon.
6th at the mass start of Saturday and 3rd at relay F on Sunday with Maya Cloetens and Coline Pasteur
These were the last races of the season.

and a great girls gifts ....
Magnifique hommage de la part des actuelles et anciennes coequipières de biathlon.

The 18/03/2018
It's time !! I ring the chime and draw the velvet curtains.
I slowly turn the last page and then the cover of the book. With care and without noise to keep some time still this story in which I have evolved so many years.
And then I look at the closed book on my lap. I remember the good passages with nostalgia, a slight smile on the lips. The less good too, the smile remains.
I breathe. First lightly, do not rush things, change is so important.
I feel my body, which will change too. He is still full of muscles and blood. It will empty a little of this matter, find its source elsewhere.
My breathing is wider, I am already another.
Without any regrets and despite the joy I felt in writing this story, I get up and put my book on the shelf. In the middle of many others. In fact, it is so commonplace that it blends into the crowd. But this is my book, I would recognize it among hundreds. And then I will forget it.
Write other books, share other stories.
Nature does not like emptiness. Neither do I. I am constantly filling new experiences.
So I open a new book, the pages are white and call the ink, my hands tremble with excitement to this new life that opens to me.
Thank you all,

Thank you to all the people who allowed me to write these pages, all my training and competition partners, all the federated staff, technicians, kines, Christian, Gégé, Thierry, Tijlbert, all of my partners, the customs administration, Somfy, Rossignol, the community of communes of Vercors, Julbo, Ecrin system, Odlo, Rivoire county, m3bois, Fenioux, eBio-villard of Lans, Cube Bike, and, more formerly Micasys, Atout bio , One way, Medilast ....
Thanks also to my entourage, my friends, my family, Lois and Adele without whom nothing is possible.
Thank you for reading and commenting on all my words!
Thank you to my sister artist who created me this little video, cherry on the cake ....

For more info about her and see her works, do not hesitate:

The 17/03/2018
Thank you girls, thank you team for this beautiful relay.
What a beautiful ending! How lucky I am !!
Thanks also to the opponents!
Thank you for these emotions.
Thank you my legs, a little effort, just a last .... !!!! ;)
Last pictures of here and of Kontio, thank you Andrei.
See you tomorrow at all
ririe the butcher shop.
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The 13/03/2018
I'm in Oslo !!
Found this other site that I like very much .... on bottom of fjord, the red towers of the hotel are cut out and I lick in my room, already organizing after the season ....
My blood has been poisoned since the return of the Games.
I fell back into my early season with this general conflict "brain against body":

Brain: - "Go dude, go ahead, it's the last efforts, after I bother you more !!"
Body: - "Yeah that's it, you always say that and you always bring me another insurmountable thing where I drool".
 - No, that's really true. It is the end !!!
  - I do not believe you anymore. You'll still get up in the morning to take your kid to school or make you cool. And then you will want to finish your master.
- But that's stuff that makes me work, the brain! No need for you for the master !!
- and your hotel then ?? I'm sure you'll ask me to load stuff, wear, paint ... still get up ... and if it's not you it's your husband who will ask me.
- Promised, I take care of the husband. He will be too busy to think of us anyway. Level sport I leave you alone.
- Well, I'll see. I warn you I am exhausted. I have acid coming out of my ears and poisoned blood.
- Yeah, right?
- Yeah, downright.
- Good. Do we team up one last time anyway?
- Only if you promise me that after I could stuff myself with chocolate and sleep until noon;)
- You'll be beautiful with that .....
- Come on, go for a last week of racing.
- Thank you, I'll give you that back!

The 06/03/2018

 Back in the airplanes. We fly, still very high, far away.
And then, suddenly (finally no, not a sudden since 12h later and without luggage) here we are in Finland.
At Kontiolathi. A place where I started traveling abroad with the junior world championships in 2005 with Nanas, Simon ...; Almost nothing has changed and I still love this place. There are lots of birches. It's pretty like a tree with their white and black bark that, on the snow, blend into the decor.
And then also the frozen lake behind the site, the large expanses empty and white. The pink sky at night. Here I am, one last time !! In addition in room with Nanas.
What to enjoy a little more!
1 The 27/02/2018
That's it, it's over ! Two expressions:
«- Bououououououououoouuuuuuuuu»
"- Whew !!!!!! "

Last goodbye to Korea, vision of the skyscrapers of Seoul emerging painfully from the haze polluted from the porthole. And then the sea
Seat 12 A .... Immense privilege of the medalists: First class !!! Yiaououououou !!!! Seat down and everything and everything !!
Frozen closing ceremony last night: drones in the sky drawing the mascot, lights, songs and dances rather "futuristic" paraded in the steam of our breaths during 2 hours of pretty show.
The flame went out, slowly, thus marking the end of this Olympiad....
Arrived 3 weeks ago, each moment has gently made a place in the drawer of my memories.
Moments of sharing, especially, between the athletes / staff of the different disciplines, especially during the many meals taken in this windy and nauseating ice rink.
For me these moments are the essence of the Games, we group all regardless of the sport or the flag, allowing to share discreetly with each success or disappointment.
I still give the title of meeting place to the elevator of the tower n ° 6 ....
With their 15-storey towers, of course, the elevators are highly coveted, allowing you to spend a few minutes with all those who come in / leave training / shopping / meals / anything else ....
Exchanges of smiles, hello and "good luck".

2 Club France too, very friendly in the middle of the small town of Peyong Chang where reunions after race were celebrated.
Am I quoting the "Birch"? No, maybe everything that happens after 1am must stay in the shadows ...
The races, this track so difficult, this no windy and turbulent shot.
My bed (where I must admit having spent most of my time). I will not regret it. Feeling still his springs in the back!
In short, a colorful patchwork sewn with emotions that will accompany me now, like all of these moments spent in France.
In summary: I'm a fucking lucky and the worst is that I love it!
The tension goes up however .... Arms waiting for me in which I dream to throw myself and impatience distills these last hours dripping ..!
Thank you all for these beautiful moments !!
The 24/02/2018
And now, it's almost over ....
Everything has chained so fast since the mixed relay .... there was the medal ceremony then it was very quickly necessary to remobilize for the relay ladies.
Much apprehension for this relay where we were expected. Difficult conditions, the wind had begun to revive, blowing the snow in whirlpools .... Not easy!!
I'm happy with my race which has been a fight all along. Combat on skis where this dry snow and little slippery made the track even more difficult than it already is and especially fight behind the rifle, lying but also and even more standing .....
Arrived in a strong gust, I took the option to wait for the conditions to calm down a little (like many of my opponents). 1minute 20 on the carpet ..... very very long !!
Only a pickaxe in the end with trembling legs to have waited so long and a tension difficult to contain.
Finally, a last correct lap to pass the relay to our Juju national who, as a cuckoo, has seized his chance.
A nice medal well deserved. Shared between 4 girls of different generations.
A good example for all I think and a lot of emotions for me.
Then again the media ball opened, short night, nice day at the beach to enjoy it just between us, medal ceremony, disappointment for the boys ..
Now we prepare our bags, we fill them with stuffed animals, medals ... we stuff, we stuff to make fart closing the suitcases filled with memories that will probably be carried far away elsewhere.
Thank you all for this beautiful Olympiad!
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1The 22/02/2018
France Bronze medal in relay women :
Anaïs Chevalier, Marie Dorin-Habert, Justine Braisaz,
Anaïs Bescond

The 21/02/2018
Mixed relay.

Haaaaaaaa !!!!!!!! I start with the end:
"Olympic Champions" !!!
haaaaaaaaaa !!!!!! Trick of crazy !!!
If I start at the beginning, it's like this:
2""Bonnet or headband tonight?"
"Big gloves or fine gloves .....? I put a sub-tack under my combine or I keep the buff ...?"
After long hesitation the decision of the jury is taken: No under glue because I feel that it bothers me to go up the legs; no buff because I feel that it strangles me when I look for air (whatever this decision was really at the very last minute on a whim, I'm too crazy) and finally, I keep the cap to be able to put the gloves fine. I explain myself: "hot in the head, not cold fingers". Saying biathletes. And then the fine gloves make it easier to catch the balls of picks.
That's it, Marie, almost bac + 5.
So good decision since no pick and legs that worked well.
Very happy with this relay. Nice understatement. Many emotions, a lot of sharing, pfffffffff ...!
And then Martin ... so strong. And then Simon, and this Nanas ... with whom I shared so many departures ....
Sequence emotion!
There is still one tomorrow. To share too.
Gold is beautiful and it shines. I think it suits me rather well? Too modest the girl !!!
A very nice medal, thank you, so many people to thank ..... All the partners and people who helped me to complete this career. Friends and family who are always here, ready to satisfy all my whims.
My beautiful husband. Who is really beautiful. Even inside.
Who is bionic, with arms and extra legs, he manages to manage woman, child, pharaonic project, home, comments, support .....
pfffffff yet a gold medal to discern ....
And then my girlfriend, so nice, and her sweet little cheeks, and her passion for pink .... As I can not wait to go back hug them!
Thank you all.

The 18/02/2018
Mass start.
On a demanding track, so demanding that I had the stomach returned not because of the stress of the result, but because of the fear of suffering.
Ben finally she went well. Sign that I'm in better shape than a month ago!
This year the number of races where I have not undergone the effort amounts to 2. Lean booty! But the good news is that the mass start was part of these departures that make me want to wear the bib again.
The wind had calmed down last night, a little respite after the last two weeks where his tiring breath was using the bodies mentally and physically.
It feels good to shoot in good conditions. (That said, on the shot I still made 4 clicks to go to the left ... which moves the trajectory of the ball by a small centimeter, knowing that the diameter of the target for lying is 3.5cm .... it's not nothing)
In short, result: 2 faults in all (0-1-0-1) and a good ski time that places me 9th 25 seconds from the podium.
 I do not regret anything, I am aware of having the chance to run, to perform my best performance on this season so badly started.
I enjoy finding sensations on skis. I look with pleasure at the other French medals ...
I actually detach myself from the notion of result to focus on sensations, feeling, concentration, to live fully these last bibs.
I am so detached from material things that I inadvertently had to throw in the trash fire my new phone .... in his box ....
 Aside from theft, I unfortunately only see my stupidity as a big boss. Or the bulimic trash, bitter to eat only used and rotten things that threw on something new to take revenge.
The 12/02/18 
Sprint and pursuit of the Games: two starts, two different races.
At the start of the sprint, a little tense by the cold and windy conditions and my settings firework .... but a race finally very beautiful, very focused and applied, very opportunistic
 and who finally brings me a nice 4th place: my best result for a long time !!!
So I experienced this surprising rise in the first bibs as a small victory over me! (we do not refuse anything!).
Then, inevitably, in the evening when the brain can not refrain from repeating the race a thousand times, I do not miss this lying ball ..... but it's only a dream !!.
 This evening pursuit.
I am very divided. So happy for Nanass who realizes a dream, which makes a perfect race today, takes her chance and squeezes her very strong until the end to get this nice medal. Honor for her career and for the athlete she is. Joy for me, for my partner forever, for the girlfriend. In short, I had the impression to share me too this 3rd place by proxy!
Then the blank falls down and I find myself alone in my bed with my 7 rings pena ...... and my race failed .... So very disappointed on the other side.
That's the biathlon.
To speak in more detail about this pursuit, I made two big mistakes: my first shot took me out of the state of concentration in which I was. A group shot on the right down cord (bad management of the wind). The second raises me in the race but then places me just behind a German in the third round. The wind on the track being strong, I told myself that the best solution was to stay behind. Bad decision.
The problem is that I fell asleep to never wake up behind the rifle during the first standing. Two new mistakes that cost me dearly. I'm not talking about the third shot where an ugly burst welcomes us open arms with Justine. Hard hard.... A bad race to forget very quickly. I'm angry, of course I'm not proud. But it's the Olympics, only the medals count, the places of honor are considered only by the athletes who make them !! And yet, these are emotions that I engraved today. The stress and the excitement of the start, the joy of playing in front, to imagine that I could go get a metal (well yes, I am human, I thought a thousand times!), The emotion to see this dream realized by a girlfriend.
The immense respect I have for Martin. For the incredible athlete deserving, dominant, undisputed master of the discipline. This pride, this desire to dominate, to manage to to control his emotions ... what would I give to have this ability to surpass me on each departure

1 The 09/02/2018

Small trip in the city center yesterday. Disney village of snow statues.
I know one who would have been happy to find the little mermaid, Alice, Beauty and the Beast and other characters of tale.

A very nice morning to wander the wind through the city

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1 The 06/02/2018
Photos of the site and beautiful plants that can be found ... !!!
In the kind of plant me, I'm the tomato or the pepper of the group .... in a few days, I go purple aubergine and I offer myself the luxury of blinking.
End of the Games, I will probably be phosphorescent.
Meanwhile the tracks are beautiful but very hard. Which makes them immediately less beautiful. A bit like Johnny Deep: beautiful but inaccessible so not great.
This will be a track that will benefit the good skiers. That's good, this year I have too much cash !!
The snow is a "crouic crouic" that is recognized among all: it is the abrasive noise of skis that do not slip. Some parts of the track do not see the sun, and on these portions ..... you have to push.Push ma'am, push .... I've heard that somewhere1Shooting, a little hard for me. (again!) I find it difficult to adapt to the cold that dulls my face and eyes, slightly altering the state of consciousness and concentration necessary to adjust the aim. And then there is the wind ....
Here !! Nice picture eh!
The days go by rather quickly. When we get up at noon, we feel like we have already eaten some of our activities.
In the evening you go to bed, with the catchy smell of the grilled bark that forms a smelly cloud of smoke in the dining room. Baaaaaahh

The 03/02/2018
Arrival in Korea after a 28h door to door trip.
A first night in two with a wake-up awakening at 4am local time (midnight) which lasted 2 hours, thankfully I had  planned the shot and I listened to Ameisen's deep voice (broadcast "on Darwin's shoulders") about the domestication of fire by men. Exciting. I went back to sleep until noon.
The Olympic Village is 15 stories high. We are on the top floor. Cool, at least we have been on the top step of the podium once without effort (there is an elevator). I think there is  a dozen 15-storey towers gathering the nations.

We eat in an ice rink, to observe - between different nations / different sports - softly (or not) ... and still, not everyone has arrived yet!
The cool thing: we can go out running on a small path outside the village. Well, it sounds a little silly but for me it is important to get out of the barriers and controls!
Time difference: 8h.
The training is late, which gives us some time to do things. What for example ? Ben, unpacking our things, putting our rooms away, running the new phone,
 to take the sun's rays on the terrace, to sleep again, to learn English and other things that are not tiring of style.
For now the effects of jet lag: there are threads touching in my head.
It's not unpleasant.
The 30/01/2018

While waiting for the big departure ..... ski outings on the tracks of the wolf in Correncon. It's always a little trick to find evidence that this character populating children's stories exists for real !! However I eagerly watched the woods looking for an image to associate with the traces .... but the manager remained discreet and did not show the tip of his tail!
rossignol The 30/01/2018

New Rossignol range ... red and black, sober and efficient!
I hope that, in addition, they shoot well, they ski quickly and catch the lack of cash of those who do not have it ... !!

The 21/01/2018
I will not be leaving mass start today. We continue to give my body time to breathe, even if the sensations come back.
Too bad of course but I think it's a good decision.
I really enjoyed myself on yesterday's race, having the impression of being master of my race, my breath, my pace.
Coooooool !! I had forgotten that you could feel pleasure running. Too bad I did not know how to take advantage of this new form to stick the balls at the bottom ...
Now I wish with all my strength to continue on this momentum, to keep in memory the feelings of yesterday and to record them to leave on the same bases at the next bib.
In the meantime there is a pink boil that I miss so much that I am afraid of having to spend the next week glued to his little cheeks...
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The 18/01/2018
Finally a race to 100% ... !!
So of course, it's my 100% of the moment, with my legs of the year ... swapped in a flea market on a whim ... with my lungs of the year, exchanged them also against a siren barbie for Adele.
I do not know if I won the change but hey, today I'm happy to fill shooting.
The race had started badly with a stick that I break stupidly on the starting gate.
I do not even tell you the legs that I charred in the first round but good ....
So happy with this race, I think I go back slowly (very very very slowly, but hey, the old is like that, it does not go very fast but it loose nothing).
 I want my part in the sun ...

Le 13/01/2018 "... I'm happy ...., I took pleasure ....

The 16/01/2018
Nice pictures of our wizards of Oz ... !!
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