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plan zecampMay 06, 2019
Hello !!! Hard to think of everything right now.
 Adèle will say "mom has no zeux" or "mom has no head" ...
Today for example the alarm clock pulls me from a distant country, I turn it off, just put the head back in the pillow ... and go back to sleep like a stump.
Evie wakes me up. 8:15. School and nanny at 8:35 .... hhhhhhh
Luckily: Adele had already got up as usual and had started to eat alone. She is well trained this child!

So we went to school in the hair firecracker and I chained with Zecamp.
Well yes, Mondays is me who welcomes you if you want .... coffee chocolates, cake, salads ... it's open !!!!
For the moment apart from deer and squirrels I do not have many customers.
So I write news!
Monday in Zecamp,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I am in Grenoble
Thursday night, beware big night: "We are cooking at Zecamp !!" by reservation only!
Friday is MY day and the weekend I oscillate between Zecamp and the children. Short. Well filled.

Everything is precise, our biathlon courses, our place within Zecamp ...
While waiting to see you at home ... good spring to all!!
May 03, 2019

Hello planet biathlon !!! Here after a few months of waiting the dates of our next biathlon courses Alpinum-Zecamp for the general public. July: 8, 9, 10 (from 14h to 17h) August: 19, 20, 21 (from 14h to 17h) More information and online registration on this link: stage-biathlon-loisir-adulte
 Otherwise we also have a little more physical training on a weekend with initiation (or confirmation) biathlon in the morning and physical training aprem. for any level. More information on our site in the tab "our offers", "zecamp academy" In short when there are more, there are still! Biathlon invades Corrençon and biathlon fever invades
France !!!! I exaggerate. Almost. See you soon !!
 April 29, 2019 1
In May, do what you like...!!!!
I'm going back to work. Ha. I like it but I'm like everyone else, the holidays are cool too!
I am officially on a diet.
Sometimes I think that writing it will make me stop eating chocolate? I do not know if I believe myself.
The holidays in Brittany or rather in Butter-tagne benefited the whole family. Children grow vertically and parents horizontally. Each one his sense of expansion.
Suddenly on the way home the balance got angry with my ego.
And if I want to do a little trail this year .... I'll have to make efforts.

Short. In May do not do what you like.
Photo of Quiberon Bay, the only one in the world to search for offshore wind ....

March 25, 2019

After a short stay in Sweden ... during which I immersed myself, one year after being extricated, in this universe of white competition where the black targets are tasks to be erased.
The world of biathlon has opened to me, welcoming. I felt by proxy all these emotions that have animated me in recent years and I realized ... that I missed a lot!
I really turned the page and this new life I like but to have touched a known universe filled me with nostalgia!
That said it was a couple of very nice days, in the middle of winter and falling snow.
Ski every morning, comments in the afternoon ... No time to get bored as usual, this word is not part of my vocabulary.
Back home after an epic plane trip canceled, planes delayed, social movement of customs officers, car with brakes blocked .... here I am back on the Vercors.

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We are satisfied with the start of Zecamp, even if this big baby greedily, energy and time spent on his evolution.
The month of April will be a month of pause on this side, where we will take the time to restructure before the opening of the summer season in early May.
I take the opportunity to announce the launch of our courses "multiactivity" reserved for people who regularly practice a sport!
The "Zetraining camp" can be found online on the site

Some small photos made with "Meromero" manufacturers of bags and baby things that serve at the same time for much more than baby!
Which is handy for active parents!
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See you soon

March 6, 2019
The wolves are in the place !!

February 9, 2019

Evie ....
Now I have time.
To lean over you, little girl. Tiny.
I spend hours looking at you, sleeping. Delicate. And I'm melting.
I look at you like this, filling my eyes with your fragile features, the way your little fingers move unconsciously.
Like a pianist seeking the notes of a sweet melody, you captivate my heart with your mania.
Evie ....

January 27, 2019

There you go !! It itched too much !!!
Small family outing (without the big one) at Château Julien, Evie warm on his dad and my mom ski and smile on the lips!
  It's been a long time since we had a sport outing together with Lois .... ???? an eternity does it seem to you!
And then the castle lookout Julien is really nice.
It's the class in Dallas.

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January 21, 2019
Evie has arrived as an obvious .... Shoving our lives, returning to the dance ..
A new life begins.
Punctuated by sleep interspersed with feedings, small buttocks to change, tears to console ....
To this is added the great Adele not to forget! And all our other projects!
In short, in the meantime, I have become a milk carton, an industrial manufacture, a production line, I produce and fertilize my offspring conscientiously.
Evie turns the precious liquid into an infamous mud. Such a waste....
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I will probably use the surplus of my production to make cheese! Who does not want it?
The snow nagging me from the window, I eye and fish on these people who pass with their skis ...
pfffff, the lucky ones ... I'm waiting impatiently for my turn.

January 15, 2019
Evie was born today
January 10, 2019
I think the baby does not want to go out. In truth I think his father scares him. As I understand it. He must say to himself "Every time, if I go out, this patient will hire me to work at the hotel ..!"
So he does not go out. By cons I feel that he eats well in the canteen given the size of my stomach. I have a square belly. Odd no? If, weird.
I jump on foot together, I hesitate to go back on horseback, I did the cleaning and service all the holidays but nothing to do. He stays warm.
So there I am roasted so I sleep all day ... rest, he got me !!

December 7, 2018

In the train direction Paris .....
To do what ? Ben to show my belly on the chain team see!
L'équipe In the meantime I'm not too smart: after a day at work, sitting behind my computer (it's me that ??? !!) I chained with three hours of train that seem interminable ....
My belly weighs too much, I had the misfortune to put a normal panties instead of a special shapeless future mother and result it saw me in two.
In the meantime I'm not too smart: after a day at work, sitting behind my computer (it's me that ??? !!) I chained with three hours of train that seem interminable ....
My belly weighs too much, I had the misfortune to put a normal panties instead of a special shapeless future mother and result it saw me in two.
So I think my neighbor left (because of course the train is crowded and I have neighbors everywhere) wonders why I squirm, why I put my hand in my pants to stretch this fu ... elastic. ..
Not serious.
I continue.
It squeezes me too much anyway.
I really want to lie down but I do not dare to do it on my neighbor who will really end up asking questions.
So I change position every minute to relieve, legs, back, belly. I wonder what the baby feels in my belly.
Besides, I wonder if it's a boy or a girl. Hold you paris. I'm putting on a boy.
It becomes embarrassing to force. I can be presumed of my strength by making this trip to 8 months ..!
If I give birth on the train, do you think the baby will be free for life?

The 2/12/2018
The season is gone !!

I replaced the insatiable quest for podiums by looking for new traces ....
Without forgetting the biathlon that starts the season with a superb race!

Go little blues I sand my couch following you closely and pushing howls wolves!


November 25, 2018
First Sunday in family since ......... ?????
So, what do we do ? A ballad for example. Practice the horse to carry the little ones ...
We then eat "sausages" because the princess's choice of family.
Then? We sleep, it makes the sausages digest.
And after ? DIY at home? Or nothing ?
Nothing is good ..
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The 01/11/2018
This is the baby's room. I had not put any photos yet.
1I laugh. baby forbidden to hotel I think.
It remains to install trees.
Not in the rooms huh ..
It also remains to put little things, glasses, things like that.
There are still desserts because this weekend it's dessert festival it seems. I think I'm going to be dead. Afraid to be even bigger.
But I say that because I just ate, I know myself ....
It remains to test a bed ... ha no it's already done!
This morning, before the race against the clock that governs my days, little walk alone into the snow.
Not long.
 Just enough time to scare away hordes of mountain windmills and drunken thrushes in front of me.
Soaked shoes, soaked hair (it was raining) slips in the mud so soaked buttocks. Result: I looked like a wet-happy dog. It was so good. Sometimes I miss it.
Then I sketched the ball of the vacuum cleaner my best buddy of the moment and the dance of the service (I can be drooled in some plates quenched by the smell to finally have passed
 the hour of hunger and eaten a piece of bread around 14:30). Funny life anyway.
But funny in the true sense. Especially after the vacuum cleaner.

The 28/10/2018
And here are some small pictures ...
In activity in the kitchen, meeting for the training course "preparation for the white stride" very serious attention! Robin!
Family on the stairs .....
We are everywhere here, especially elsewhere.
And the snow that arrived shyly but that makes me turn the head !!!
it gives me the mega potato!

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The 16/10/2018
Oyez Oyez,
We are finally open !!
After the reception of the French biathlon team and two weeks of very busy life, we are slowly adapting to our new hotel activity!
The timing is tight but for now the returns are good.
Come enjoy it all the more so as the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of November our first stage of the season Zecamp-Alpinum event starts in Zecamp !!
Do not hesitate to dive into our universe for a weekend.
If you are not afraid of the coaches (very impressive I confirm), the fondant cream of our cook's brown (tasted and validated by my belly), to plunge the body into the cold bath after the session (well be guaranteed ) ....
Nothing obligatory, just a new experience not to be missed !!
There is also the juice of the day pressed by Mr Habert and-co, unless Adele has already drunk everything ...
See you soon for new adventures

The 01/10/2018
Hello !!!
Here are the new dates of our Alpinum-Zecamp courses !!
If you liked to meet us last time, the rest is here!
There is just one (the) coach who (slightly) fattened ... remains to know who!
Feel free to register here :

Le club biathlon loisir

See you soon for new adventures!