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December 22, 2019

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Souvenir of a nice weekend: thank you to Martin, Quentin, Émilien, Simon, Fabien, anto, Nanas, Justine, Celia, Julia, Chloe, Caro and all the emotions you make us live!

November 30, 2019
Back to biathlon !!
How it misses the Scandinavian sunsets !!
Join me on the TV team to follow the biathlon world cup events on TV,
November 25, 2019
And here are some pictures of holidays in Sardinia, last break before attacking the season.
Well winter is, the big season of the hotel, comments on the team, biathlon on TV, skiing too, even cushy granny like me ... !!
There, the pasta was good and the Sardinians nice but I ogled on the snow of the Vercors .... to find nothing in return!
The holidays in hotel traffic is nothing better: in November it is night at 5am so we eat at 6am pasta tuna and we go to bed at 8am.
As it is day at 8am we get up at 8am which makes 12h spent in a horizontal position to rest if my calculations are good.
As young parents, nights of 12 hours are a luxury very appreciated by the brave ones.
I must be very brave.

I even had time to read a book. It's been a long time !!
I read a good "in the forest" it even made me want to write a new book. A fiction this time.
In short, I should find the time.

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Where are you from my book .... Not too disappointed? Because if ever I write a second will want to read it at once.
So my reasoning: if you found the first draw you will not want to read the next one. So do not read too much the first to want to read the second! ??
I believe that boredom is inspiring. That's what these holidays taught me: sometimes you have to know how to do nothing to want to do. You follow me ?
Go and wait for him to snow.

October 30, 2019
Back from holidays in Brittany,
it's time to get back to work, ...
but why not enjoy my holiday photos again and discover the surprise that I announced in June ....
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Marie October 22, 2019
 And here ... Last June I announced a surprise. Patatras Ririe wrote Ririe.
Misery, I re-read myself and .... Sometimes I think that maybe I will not have to write some things.
Well you will believe that I say that on purpose for you to read my book!
Haha too strong this ririe in marketing! I laugh.
In truth, I say to myself that it is rather strange finally like situation since you will read me and imagine me like a character of book. In short I mix but I understand myself.
So the title is "you walk, it walks, we walk, I run"
It's the story of a girl who walks in nature and then goes skiing. This book was commissioned by the publisher "la salamandre" which publishes a series of books on the walk in kind of which mine is a part.
That's why he talks about walking, nature and then skiing and Ririe. And god and chocolate and love and birth and country that turn into landscapes, often white, but colorful as memories of a girl whose imagination overflows and dresses the pages.
Released in November 2019. That is to say soon. You can find it in bookstores or on the website see you soon for new adventures

and here is an exclusive extract:

"... La troupe d'enfant silencieuse encadrait le conteur qui a fini par
rassembler autour de lui tous les jeunes du groupe, suspendus à ses
lèvres. Malin, mon père n'a pas raconté toute l'histoire d'un seul trait.
Il faisait des pauses. Style il racontait l'histoire pendant une demi-heure,
puis, prétendait devoir se reposer, ou boire, ou vouloir parler
avec un autre adulte. Et nous laissait ainsi en proie au désir brûlant de
connaître le destin des personnages. Et aux questions. Pourquoi la
femme n'aimait pas l'homme ? Comment tout cela allait-il finir ? Mal,
on s'en doutait. Et ça nous fascinait encore plus.
On marchait en silence, en repensant au récit. Petit à petit, l'histoire
se diluait dans l'air, emportée par le chant des oiseaux qui semblait-il,
avaient soudain repris leurs trilles sautillants. La femme s'était évaporée
et la forêt avait retrouvé une allure de forêt. Les arbres se distinguaient
de nouveau par la forme de leurs feuilles et la couleur de leurs
troncs, les bruits retrouvaient leurs propriétaires : oiseaux, vent, pas
sur les brindilles etc. Chaque élément reprenait ses contours respectifs
et se dissociait de la forêt qui unifiait l'instant précédent ses habitants
en un ensemble mystérieux. Jusqu'au moment où de nouveau,
la marche devenait trop longue et que l'histoire reprenait vie avec la
voix de mon père..."

Marie September 8, 2019
Trail of the Vercors yesterday. Aches today ... !!!
The opportunity to: banging a little in it cleans the carcass, discover new paths not too far, drink a beer on arrival and get drunk right away, sleep well at night and not hear a baby crying.
But finally hear it after an hour and get up limping, having aches and down the stairs in reverse, decide to finish the night on the couch so as not to have to go up the stairs.
Finally not very good sleep and be tired!
But otherwise it was too cool and I will be starting next year with a team of shock!
Thank you to all my teammates Simon, Ophelie and Thibault, a nice skewer of gazelle !!

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  August 25, 2019
Morning running with Ekaterina Yurlova who stayed for 10 days in Zecamp.
Tête des chaudières and Pas Ernadant,, under a blue sky, with the white rocks, a Patou patibulaire, the brown ibexes, marmots big and vultures tawny ....

A ririe woods and his companion Russia for a successful morning!
The days are busy and it feels good to find the time to go running a little further.
Thanks to the parents who keep the children !!!
In short, the beautiful life ...

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1 August 17, 2019
Because riri abandons his little words, because ririe no longer shares his small evils ....
Because she does not have time anymore or because she does not take the time anymore?
Time flies ... It really takes two lives to take advantage of opportunities. Or three, or five ... In the meantime I always fill mine with many passions.
Without making a choice. I choose everything, as for chocolate, I like all the colors from white to black and if the blue chocolate existed it would have its melted place in my mouth, flowing in my belly, seeping into my buttocks.
So here are the latest news:
Zecamp always. In progress. Three biathlon courses this summer. Quite cool.
The department in progress too

The girls who grow, I water them like salads and they take advantage of the light to do photosynthesis. Evie is fascinated by flies and grass. Each his own.
Adele does not stray princesses.

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And from time to time, mountain biking, trail, walking, horse ... I do not sell the Vercors but does not prevent ..... We are good!
See you on Radio Ririe.
4 June 24, 2019
I'm late ... assessment of the first training biathlon training;)
Well yes, we started our courses with Pierre Larry. Courses for the discovery of biathlon with more physical content than the courses we are currently organizing with alpinum event.
This is to do a little work in the afternoon! Discovering the hidden muscles. It's easy for Pierre: he has so many muscles that one wonders if he comes from the same species as us !! But everyone was happy. Small group requires to be onions for our trainees!

For me it was cool too because at noon I was entitled to the same plate that they (for once!) And even the brownie .... oulalala Marie .... you said you stopped the sugars .... no?
Good promise tomorrow I stop.
So small pictures of the course. I remember that in July and August we still have and there is room .....
1I remind that we will probably not do it, neither this autumn, nor this winter because of no time of the coach ... !!

In the various ... Ya nanas the threat to the hotel !! Too cool to see the girlfriends !!
Also the opportunity to dream of this old life very sweet training and nap .... I would gladly put on the athlete's clothing time for an internship with them!

In short, it's great to see the girls (and boys of course), to see the evolution of the belly of Anais, the good mood of all ... Although I love to have time to accompany them on tracks.

(but my boss is uncompromising and monitors my actions and I do not dare)
(Even if this same boss is also my husband, it's even worse he is even more severe than if he was not)
(luckily he can not read, no risk of falling on this article :)
(so sometimes I cheat a little anyway)

Still in the various: Evie grows so much that her head is wider than it is tall. It's pretty funny. She discovered the carrots. What will it be like when she gets chocolate?

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 May 28, 2019
Weekend at Mont Ventoux.
Invited to run the x race I took the game and I found the bib.
Threaded like a sock a little old but we like it because it is comfortable.
And I loved it.
No no I'm not nostalgic ... !!!
Haaaaaaaaa it felt good to feel the legs that stiffen, shortness of breath, the heart drum. Too good.
In short! In fact this race is the climb of Mont Ventoux 4 (or all alone for the strongest) in roller skiing, running, mountain biking and road bike.
This year I was on a road bike.
With my helmet across as usual. I put 1:30.
I do not know what that represents, for me what mattered was especially to feel the effort.
And I succeeded, he is still there !! I still have sore legs so it's a good sign.
Short super event, great weekend, top organization, nice people ...
To do again next year !!
Thanks to Guillaume for his invitation.
So when I came back on Monday I still felt euphoric and I decided to lift an old and heavy board that was hanging in the garage for a few months.
Paf the disks jumped. All together.
Afterwards she did not bother me that much this board. I regret I regret I regret.
I look like a little granny who can not bend over! Hard to do everything, recover Evie in bed, pick up the blanket, take bath and shower ...
I almost hesitate to let the children fend for themselves. Come on Evie, you just had to bottle yourself I bought you some milk. Adèle, take the keys of the car and take your sister to the manger.
Everything becomes a nightmare and the board is still in the same place .....
As soon as I feel better I smash it. To avenge myself.

la dernière May 13, 2019
It was the last !!! The skis asked for a last and as we are unemployed in Zecamp in front of the influx of visitors ...

we allowed ourselves time for a stroll in search of the sun and the brilliance of winter moribund.
We find her !! he is at the Moucherolle !!

Beautiful morning, beautiful slides and enchanting ballad.
The skis found their happiness just above Zecamp communicating their enthusiasm in a satiated smile !!!

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plan zecampMay 06, 2019
Hello !!! Hard to think of everything right now.
 Adèle will say "mom has no zeux" or "mom has no head" ...
Today for example the alarm clock pulls me from a distant country, I turn it off, just put the head back in the pillow ... and go back to sleep like a stump.
Evie wakes me up. 8:15. School and nanny at 8:35 .... hhhhhhh
Luckily: Adele had already got up as usual and had started to eat alone. She is well trained this child!

So we went to school in the hair firecracker and I chained with Zecamp.
Well yes, Mondays is me who welcomes you if you want .... coffee chocolates, cake, salads ... it's open !!!!
For the moment apart from deer and squirrels I do not have many customers.
So I write news!
Monday in Zecamp,
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday I am in Grenoble
Thursday night, beware big night: "We are cooking at Zecamp !!" by reservation only!
Friday is MY day and the weekend I oscillate between Zecamp and the children. Short. Well filled.

Everything is precise, our biathlon courses, our place within Zecamp ...
While waiting to see you at home ... good spring to all!!
May 03, 2019

Hello planet biathlon !!! Here after a few months of waiting the dates of our next biathlon courses Alpinum-Zecamp for the general public. July: 8, 9, 10 (from 14h to 17h) August: 19, 20, 21 (from 14h to 17h) More information and online registration on this link: stage-biathlon-loisir-adulte
 Otherwise we also have a little more physical training on a weekend with initiation (or confirmation) biathlon in the morning and physical training aprem. for any level. More information on our site in the tab "our offers", "zecamp academy" In short when there are more, there are still! Biathlon invades Corrençon and biathlon fever invades
France !!!! I exaggerate. Almost. See you soon !!
 April 29, 2019 1
In May, do what you like...!!!!
I'm going back to work. Ha. I like it but I'm like everyone else, the holidays are cool too!
I am officially on a diet.
Sometimes I think that writing it will make me stop eating chocolate? I do not know if I believe myself.
The holidays in Brittany or rather in Butter-tagne benefited the whole family. Children grow vertically and parents horizontally. Each one his sense of expansion.
Suddenly on the way home the balance got angry with my ego.
And if I want to do a little trail this year .... I'll have to make efforts.

Short. In May do not do what you like.
Photo of Quiberon Bay, the only one in the world to search for offshore wind ....