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Often it is a mixture of the two: it starts very well, it is magnificent, then the path disappears, the lapiaz widens, the gourd empties, the word thirst appears everywhere I look, my tongue swells, I turn to dust .
I'm trying to find someone in charge: it is he, my husband who forced me to put on the sneakers, forced to take a very small gourd, forced to drink it all at once so that I would be dry at the end of 'one hour when we've been running for three hours. And then this sun too, it shines too bright and global warming. Well yes that's it in fact he's the one in charge who dried up my water bottle, he's the man and his damn machines, he's the man and his frenzied consumption.
What the hell am I doing here?
One foot in front of the other Marie. Zecamp is no longer very far. You are not going to die today. The water is no longer very far.
That's it, I emptied the bar !!!! In the end, it was a very nice tour !! Well, I won't recommend it but I had a great time. Especially now that it's over !!!
New nuggets I said .. !! In any case, I never tire of it. And I'm still running ....
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June 5, 2020

Sometimes when the mist envelops me and in breathing it I dissolve into the surrounding landscape, then I feel alive.
Or die.
But it's very sweet.
I feel everywhere and nowhere, in the grass, in the sounds of birds and in the gray air that surrounds me.
Running in the plain of Darbounouze.
With empty heads, we fill ourselves with green and we disappear.

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May 16, 2020

Hello !!!

Want to move, discover, improve, have fun ...
all our courses are online on our Zecamp website.
 We look forward to seeing you again and sharing a sporting moment !!!
See you soon,

Mai 10, 2020

The big house there is Zecamp.
The green in front is grass. We don't see but still in front there is green and green and green, so a lot of grass. Luminous.
The apple green of golf in spring. The clean green of the colors that come back after winter. And the clean air that makes it even more alive.
There are paths weaving through the woods that the deer stare at with the gaze that wolves follow from afar. There’s also Adèle’s sandcastles in golf bunkers.
And then there’s us, the Zecamp team, who took advantage of these two months to make this place a little nicer.
To do even more stuff (internship schedule established by chef grogro), to eat there even better (dubiodubio), and then think about what to do next.
If the adventure tempts you, we open the doors on May 20. Welcome in !!

image April 14, 2020
Another month....
Well, that's how it is. It would be wrong for me to complain.
Suddenly I watch the days go by as a cow watches with an empty eye the trains pass. Sometimes I actually feel a bit lost. But then it goes.
My husband has turned into a crazy handyman and I no longer recognize my house.
Turbule gradually calms down, confinement to positive effects on his night awakenings. And now she can make the sound of a pig.
Adèle no longer wants to put on clothes. She walks naked in the garden.
In short, in the mountains you feel a bit disconnected after all.
Migratory birds return to decorate the still bare trees in the garden.
Life goes on, the children grow, it's calm.
Photo of the painting of Evie's room (I take this opportunity to decorate my house ...)
image 1April 08, 2020
Like everyone. Confined.
Not like everyone else, confined to the mountains in a house so downright privileged.
However confined with a monster. Evie. My cute little monster.
His secret nickname is "Turbule". She wears it like a glove. At the end of the day, my phone tells me "watch out for energy-consuming application, please force Turbule to stop".
But as I did not find the stop button, the energy-intensive application continues at night ... !!
In short. Finally my days are full.
Variable hour survey, the variable being Turbule. Girls 'breakfast, girls' dressing and computer lighting at the same time. Adele's hairstyle who wants "a braid that has happened to me so far" while checking my emails.
Then, quite suddenly, I split up. Part of me becomes a severe mistress and another part of Mary who works. So I’m writing emails or writing files while watching my student looping, learning sounds and coloring stuff.
I force myself to reread my emails because sometimes my duplication knows bad times and I realize that I typed on the keyboard "Hello Mr. .... Apply yourself. I would like to pass this file on to you and ask you how the “AAA” sound is made. In short, a little messy.

Some mornings we make origami from April Fools and I find myself at the end of the day with all the fish on my back. Meanwhile Turbule rests to start again better. It’s his calm time. I'm enjoying it.
Around noon, you must prepare food. So I grate the vegetables while answering the phone. Turbule howls. I'm going to take her. But at the end of his rest, the hungry monster. It must therefore be fed while continuing to prepare food. So I set it up and it tastes of the peelings and raw vegetables. In my absence my student deserted his desk and I wonder how the real teachers do.

At the end I have a nice bazaar on the work plan but my meal is ready so I shout "At taaaaaable" like many moms I imagine.

image 2My clients introduce themselves, the dish arrives hot and I have the right to a unanimous "Ho not vegetables yet, yuck". Well. I negotiate fiercely and the dish empties.
Storage and dishes. Especially cleaning the location "sub-Turbule" which insists on using a spoon and fork. It shows.
The beginnings of aprè are similar with a continuity of work on the computer coupled with activities like dressing up barbies, combing dolls, reading pictures and stories. I passed black belt of animal sounds. "Wouf wouf, Meow, Coincoin, Hihan". But I have my audience and I have had some success.
Sometimes I have a hug from Turbule and I forget everything.
Then it’s time for Turbule resting again.
YYYYaaaaaaaa !!! Too coooool !! There I do a little sport. Yoga or reinforcement or go running 1 hour not far or whatever. Either I do the garden or I help Loïs finish building the house.
Then there is Adèle's bike or acrobatics course in the garden and a trampoline for Turbule. Then Turbule discovers the taste of the earth, pebbles, deer droppings and ants.
The evening arrives very quickly and inevitably it is necessary again to think of filling the bellies.
Pffff then I hesitate between a new "Ho-no-not-yet-vegetables-berk" or to become "The mom too cool" and make pasta.
Then eating, intensive re-cleaning of the Turbule, sub-turbule and even Adèle who in secret is not necessarily cleaner. Putting on pajamas, reading in the evening, taking a hyper-calming bottle (do you think this taste of cunt in the bottle is normal ?!) and sleeping.

Test # 1.
Cool time with my Lolo. Revision of bird songs (and yes I am in ornito training), reopening of work emails, discussion on the future of Zecamp, mail collection….
Turbule howls. Turbule descends among us. Reading images, sounds of animals: the donkey makes hihan and the duck coincoins, then cuddles ... my heart is soft.
Coating test No. 2.
Stretching, herbal tea, discussion on the work remaining at home (huge advantage of having a DIY husband ...) discussion on the future of Zecamp. Whatsapp threads up, look, did I send photos of barbie me? Damn, to whom I sent .....? Ho Noooon…. Writing an apology message, and erasing all the photos of the day…. Adèle and her barbies, barbie snow queen, barbie stiletto heel, chair, terrace, blur…. It takes me a while because there are quite a few…
Turbule howls. Turbule goes back down, Reading animal images, the cat makes meow and the dog waf waf, mega hug of Turbule…. I wonder if she doesn't do it on purpose… .but it still works, my heart has melted.

Coating test n ° 3.
Normally the voucher before lifting n ° 1 of the night.
Bedding generalized to all the inhabitants of the Maison de la Fauge.

Alarm clock 1. Lollipop loss
Alarm clock 2. Nightmare.
Alarm clock 3. For no apparent reason
Alarm clock 4. a new morning is here….

image 1 March 02, 2020

The time suddenly accelerated under the daily rhythm and erased in a breath the fortnight Tyrolienne. The white fades under the force of the hot wind revealing a green and brown Vercors.
The children were there, with their cool smile devoid of filters. And the parents' hearts softened, their arms were opened, and everyone merged into a reunited family.
That said .... it was still quite a fortnight. With incredible results from the French. A beautiful moment to live on the other side of the barrier. The side without the bibs.
it's okay with me. Anyway, I don't have much choice, right? !!

During the biathlon worlds I commented on the races for French TV "the team" I wrote sections on the members of the French team, they are available by following this link

les yeux de Marie

See you soon for new adventures,
Souvenir photo of a hiking day surrounded by white. As we like them ...

1February 17, 2020
Live from Antholz.
Who believed it, I shed my little tear ... and yes, sport has the power to communicate very strong emotions.
Being on site, commenting on the races with Team 21, not being used for much but happy to reconnect with this sport which built me ??as a woman.
I attended Emilien's coronation after this exciting pursuit to follow.
And Emilien so incredible on this last lap.
In short. I wanted to celebrate the medal ceremony and I felt my eyes moisten at the sight of Emilien climbing on the first step.
I am a sensitive woman.National anthems are great to hear after a competition. They are powerful. Because yesterday the new World Champion represented this insolent and sparkling France of youth and daring.
Emilien made history yesterday.

Here it is winter. And I'm happy to live it for at least 10 days this season .... so I get the most out of it and try to ski as soon as I have the time.
Cross-country skiing, ski touring, everything is good to take and I therefore swallow the kilometers of daily snow in bulimia.
History to put me full legs and return tired at night.

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January 20, 2020

Yéééééééééé !!

Skiing, a magic sport, a unique sport, which unfortunately depends on the cold and the snow ...
Since the start of winter I have been gnawing, rusting, getting angry and mumbling!
But today hhhhhhhhhhh too good, too cool, gliding and breath of fresh air, skis on my feet I feel like wings !!

Château Julien, magic always works. I do not get enough.
In short, 7km from Zecamp, good skiing guaranteed, cannon snow and then then .... in a little "watch out for stones" mode, you join Malaterre and his witch and again, tiptopmoumoute the track is beautiful, the gliding is good and takes us to the belvedere of Château Julien which I plan to privatize.

After Paris, it feels good !!

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January 8, 2020

January 2020. Which rhymes with dorin, with nothing, with fir, with good and buddy and lots of other clever things.
I dream of something that rhymes with sliding, with skiing, with snow too ....
I dance on full moon evenings, I implore the blue of the sky and the cold air ... where is the Snow Queen?
Another muddle I bet. Instead we have blue, and frost that covers the grass with a layer of icing sugar, frozen delicacy that sparkles at daybreak.

The mist also rises in the Lans plain, wrapping the farms of the Vercors in mystery.
I go down to work by bike in ski instructor clothes. Without skis.
See you soon on a background that I hope is whiter ...

December 22, 2019
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Souvenir of a nice weekend: thank you to Martin, Quentin, Émilien, Simon, Fabien, anto, Nanas, Justine, Celia, Julia, Chloe, Caro and all the emotions you make us live!

November 30, 2019
Back to biathlon !!
How it misses the Scandinavian sunsets !!
Join me on the TV team to follow the biathlon world cup events on TV,
November 25, 2019
And here are some pictures of holidays in Sardinia, last break before attacking the season.
Well winter is, the big season of the hotel, comments on the team, biathlon on TV, skiing too, even cushy granny like me ... !!
There, the pasta was good and the Sardinians nice but I ogled on the snow of the Vercors .... to find nothing in return!
The holidays in hotel traffic is nothing better: in November it is night at 5am so we eat at 6am pasta tuna and we go to bed at 8am.
As it is day at 8am we get up at 8am which makes 12h spent in a horizontal position to rest if my calculations are good.
As young parents, nights of 12 hours are a luxury very appreciated by the brave ones.
I must be very brave.

I even had time to read a book. It's been a long time !!
I read a good "in the forest" it even made me want to write a new book. A fiction this time.
In short, I should find the time.
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Where are you from my book .... Not too disappointed? Because if ever I write a second will want to read it at once.
So my reasoning: if you found the first draw you will not want to read the next one. So do not read too much the first to want to read the second! ??
I believe that boredom is inspiring. That's what these holidays taught me: sometimes you have to know how to do nothing to want to do. You follow me ?
Go and wait for him to snow.