Well, I'm not sure it's necessary to talk about my race ... not easy to put funny posts when morale is not good ...
Not that there is nothing to keep from all these first races but I am so far away .....
It makes me all so funny to tear myself to stay in the top 30, I used to finish in the top 10 times of skiing and I did not think it would affect me as much to miss the performance that I expected.

I need to change the repository. The shot is not perfect either, I scratch at all levels.
Me who wanted to make me happy this season ... I am far, very far. But I breathe and I suffer just as much.

Still, I'm happy to have participated in this World Cup, thank you all for coming so many in the rain-not-afraid-to encourage us.
And what encouragement !! In the top ! It was great and we are lucky to be supported as well.

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