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 15/04/2017 :2
And between the showers, the sun unveils magnificent landscapes, savage and virgins who rest their eyes and empty heads.
Ha no, that's the role of the wind, to whistle hard from one ear to the other for a spring cleaning a little forced.
After Edinburgh and a return to the Middle Ages, castles loaded with history that we delight their old stones, here we are in the highlands in search of Braveheart.

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le 09/04/2017 :
Rendez-vous of the biathletes with their Fans in Autrans in the Vercors.

05/04/2017 : 
Morning Handiski in Les Gets with the Customs team of France, a good time under a beautiful sun!
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  28/03/2017  :
Without being a bad season, I do not consider last winter as totally successful.
Haunted by the victories of the previous year, I expected so much this season that it leaves me a taste of unfinished in the mouth.
Perhaps it is only the gap between what I thought I could do, that I ardently desired and apprehended all winter and what I actually did.
   I realize today that having set goals that are too high did not especially succeed (I speak of my feelings because what does not work for me can work very well for others) and That the only lesson I draw from it is this:
If indeed I had managed to relive the 2016 world at Hochfilzen, I would have found it normal. Same for the conquest of the big globe.
On the other hand, having failed in these two lighthouses me hurts me. My little self-love, a mixture of pride swollen with pride (I put all the words I know to say the same thing!) Has a hard time digesting this failure.
In short, the worst part of all this is that the simple pleasure of slipping, of competing, of winning, of giving oneself in depth passes to the dungeons.
So I spent this season without enjoying the moments of gliding, skiing, outdoor. Essence of our sport.
Of course, there is also something else: a bad management of my recovery times as of the resumption of last May. Taking recurrent fatigue throughout the training season (despite a peak in form in July-August) which has accumulated particularly in September to not let go until today (peak in March !). I do not even talk about the pressure I put on my shoulders from the beginning of May to the end of March! To all this one adds a good dose of sharing, torn between the group, the family ... ..

Well, yes, Ririe she can not make her decisions and she feels constantly torn between different parties. Nobody is happy at the end and Ririe she doubts her choices and drops the lack of confidence in her, capital already very weak at the base.
I start talking about myself in the third person, it's fear of pudding.
It's funny because we learn more about ourselves in moments of weakness than when everything is going well !! So I will try this year not to repeat the mistakes of last year. Easy to say when you've gotten the habit of maximizing your time, pushing your body to the breaker, running around all the time to do everything instead of selecting ....
The fact is that I have more and more difficulty to let go, to let myself go in a sofa aimless for the next two hours ....
Finally, I still remember certain moments of this winter, moments of sharing in groups because happiness for me is increased tenfold when shared:
1. With chicks in our morning walks in Korea, Finland and other ... as well as our little moments of delirium that one is alone to understand.
2. At Oberhof and the plates of mango that Polo brought me especially in the room so that I could eat despite my late rising (roooo, that it is nice Polo!)
3. With Adele in Hochfilzen and her beginnings in alpine skiing ... or in Oslo when she brings us chocolate bars, gleaned from customers of the hotel to whom she is charming (it starts a little early?)
4. With my lolo in front of the "planets earth" the new incredible documentary series for the eyes.
5. In the Korean cafe ("the angelus coffee", probably a large chain not at all Korean) to drink a macha latte (which I appreciate only there!) To say stupid things with the girls.
6. With the Korean birds, the day after my abandon on the sprint I had so much balls that I descended from Mount Dragon in 1 meter drift to ask me if I really took the road back.
7. With the group, medals in relay ...... .. Moments of happiness shared strong enough.
8. With my bed, the pleasure of going home ... ..
Ok, ok, finally there are plenty of good times ....... The more I quote the more he comes!
So I'll finish on that. Because it's still positive, and because that's why I ski .... For those little moments of nothing or happiness is within reach

le 19/03/2017 :  2
This is the end of the beans. There is more fuel in the tank and I press the pedal, nothing feeds the engine ...
So it's time to finish.
I remain very disappointed to finish on this last week and the bad races I have offered this beautiful site.
I have however given everything, tried again and again every morning of race but nothing ... nothing is answered.
I close this irregular winter hoping to rest and leave the time to my old body (ben yes to 30 years old is in biathlon !!) to assimilate the past seasons to provide a last effort?
A big thank you to all for your support, encouragement, messages, mails .... I pass but they are many and we are pleased !!
See you soon