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the 12/12/2017 :
I am currently listening to jazz. Finished the classic of last week (it will come back, as often by period) finished nostalgia.
I am happy to return to France, to run for the first time a world cup in front of a French public.
Besides, they are already there for some, to encourage us on the edge of the track in training!
The poor, I think the weather is not "Grand Bo" !!
Dress up, keep yourself warm !! Stay dry!
But we are happy to see you. So I listen to jazz.
Which has nothing to do ok.
The track will be nervous. I just hope that the snow conditions will be better than today because it was very difficult to ski, both soft and hard, very very glossy and my foot does not like it at all at all. .
In fact I also listen to jazz because our super cooks of the week (Jacky and George) are also music lovers and they, with their big smiles, they transmitted the sound of saxophone and drums. (and the smell of the soup - I love the soup - and the pie with nuts for tonight - the bastards, already that I advance nothing ..... !!) They made me want

the 10/12/2017
There are those times when, despite the result, the smile remains forced. Today was one of them. My rifle is burning quietly. I may also be immolating myself, I will undoubtedly deserve. But too cozy, I prefer to blame my fault on the mute object. In short, this year, I can take it by any end, it does not go round, there are angles everywhere! Skiing is better, but unfortunately the rest does not follow. No excuse, the wind is in my head. So back to square one. Or directly to the prison cell. I will slowly rebuild myself, buy a promotional mind and avoid digging further. Thank you girlfriends !

2 the 03/12/2017 : Sprint and Ostersund pursuit.
If the first races do not happen as I had imagined, planned this season, they still have the merit to teach me some things.
The humility of having to leave from below.
The courage to continue to suffer for places that, until now, were not considered a goal.
The mental effort that must be provided every day not to collapse.
Among others ....
Gross result: 23rd sprint with a shot foul, a ski time difference of 45 seconds from the first. Very long firing times ... (40 seconds per shot which adds an imaginary pena ring). Hence this question that must be asked:
"How is it that girls who have only 2 years of profession behind the rifle shoot much faster than me for an identical result see better ???"

2Question at 1000 points!
The answer is simple: they go to the basics and darken, while I erected around me a fortress of doubts, and little things that do not count but burden this burden that I carry everywhere on the carpet.
So, here I have some work to do.
Pursuit: 14th, better, shots between 30 and 35 seconds. Small progression.
In skiing there is still work (here too .... pfffft) I'm 55 sec of the best ski time but the plus is that I'm only 10 seconds on the last lap. Which is a little bit better.
Little by little, I'm here. I'm trying to accumulate more than a little bit of it to make it a little bit bigger.
Thank you all for your encouragements !! I need it even more this year ... !!!

2the 29/11/2017:
Today we were all knights onions.
Layer after layer, we carefully packed our fragile little hearts under piles of clothes.
Effective technique, I was cold only in the last round.
Then we had to peel the onion in the shower, remove everything to find ourselves naked. A little like every new start, I feel like leaving naked in front of all. Naked with just my legs and my head, with my means of the moment. And even naked I still manage to strip myself a little more, to sow bits of myself on the track and behind the rifle.
When you play high level sports, you can not hide. The competition is a binary game: good, not good. No excuses.
This is the rule and if I knew how to play before, I now have to start from below, climb one by one the rungs of this scale that seems huge.
I bow to the rule with good will, like a good student, even though the pain may be even greater and even more futile when the result is not there.
This is the rule of high level sport.

the 27/11/2017:
This is the story of three friends who shared in a loud voice some of their dreams:
- "You Rob, you thought about what you would like to do after skiing? "
- "Ben .... I would like to continue to build something, to share my experience of high level sport for example »
- "Yes, it's true that it's nice to get started in a thing, to start a project from beginning to end, and you Marie? "
- "I would like to create edible forests! Sharing my passion for nature and outdoor sport »
- ....
- "But in addition to that I would like to stay on the Vercors after spending my time doing and undoing my bag it swells me to leave."
- ....
"Youou, Lois, are you saying nothing? "
- "Two seconds, it's germinating. "
- ...
- ...
- ... (he thinks a long time)
- "In fact I told myself that we could continue to work all three with family".
- ...?
- "Yes, look, we all want to share our passion for sport, especially outdoor sports, landscapes and everything ... We know by heart the trails here, on foot, by bike, mountain bike, ski , ski wheel and even riding for some !! "
"They say they do not see the report. "
- "A hotel guys! A welcome center for all people wanting to do sport !! "
- "Ben ok you're nice but you give us where your hotel? "
- "Corrençon, departure of the golf and the ski wheel track for example! "
- "Yeah, not bad as an idea .... But suddenly we accept that athletes? Style with a bouncer and everything for non sports? !! "
- ... (Guys look at the weird girl wondering if she's not a little bitch)
- "I'm gonna laugh, we're tolerant with non-athletes too. Anyway they want the same people no? Like when we go on vacation off training season we also look for a cool, quiet place where we eat healthy stuff and where nobody makes us too shit ».
- "Yeah but also a place where the managers can advise us to go trudge right to left, it still avoids the devilish routes and rotten ballads"
- "In fact sometimes I realize that you have a brain !! She is not bad your idea ... "
- "She's great you mean !! "
"And who is the chief? "
- " Me "
- "You Lois? !!! the joke !! Do not push the plug too far ... We will be three leaders or nothing at all "
- "Ok, it was to laugh, so we put it when ??? !!! "
Three years later…. The project is launched. His name is Zecamp.
And we are business leaders. It sounds good. For the moment it snows, finally it's crazy, it annoys the masons. But the walls are standing, they seem fine to me but I admit that I know nothing in construction. Opening ? Fall 2018.
So here, the adventure continues ... Skiing or not skiing, sport is the school of life !!
Find us on Zecamp

3 the 26/11/2017: First World Cup:
Despite a nice mark of confidence that was given me today with this bib single mixed with the star, I did not know how to live up to this honor.
And yet the desire is there, I give the max but I feel heavy to move, not being able to manage my effort and the seconds are released, scatter and rank nicely in favor of the opponents .
Again, heavy legs, lack of energy and a defective not adapted to the relief.
The shot is not bad but so slow ... and yet I swear I move!
Finally, there it is. It is not easy to accept not to play in front despite years of training. But I try, I do not give up, I fight and I fight until my last bib.ard.

the 23/11/2017: Latest photos of the Susjoen workshop
Since we are in Ostersund, night at 15h, clouds all day, lack of serious sun  !!

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the 19/11/2017
Menu of the day: Mass start.
Entrance :
3 correct rounds, a little better than yesterday, not crazy either (do not mess!) But where I succeed however to follow without too drooling the cracks of the moment.
I miss it on all portions of stimulus and entry bump, where the 1 time is important .... I immediately dismiss the skis and goes into nasty shifted rowing cake.
Today's special :
3 shot fouls, one shot miss from the second shot. It's not worse, not phew and totally inadequate.
But it is a little faster than yesterday and especially it made me good to shoot in direct confrontation.
To the dessert :
I cracked my pants in the last lap. I started bending gently on the 4th lap to put the flashing light on the last bump.
Balance sheet:
A little better than yesterday, not at all enough.
I remain in the optics to take the races one after the other, draw an objective balance and try to do the max with my little form of the moment.

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