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2 28/07/02017
Blink festival, édition 2017.
The mass starts today dedicates me 2nd.
It's a bit pretentious as a title in the end. Especially to be given my performance: I still make 4 mistakes including 3 on the lying.
A lying shot a little rushed. I'm not ready yet to make quick shots in this position and especially when I'm out of breath.
But these courses are a very good training for shooting and I have already lost to be tomorrow.
By the way ..... crazy stuff ..... even the fuckers eat pancakes in nutella !!!! Hahahahahaha !!
As I hope to put on the post one of these days (in my dreams) I do not eat anymore, na !!!,

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le 27/07/2017
  Departure of the Lysebotn ascent

photo: Axelar / Tonja Hjøllo Blink festival 2017

It's 6:50 pm. It was exactly 5 o'clock that I took the start of the infernal ascent.
So it's exactly 4h23minutes that I crossed the finish line, red, foaming, sidewalls soaked with salt water.
Proud to arrive at the top, roasted cramée and leached.

We can not say that my race went well. I rowed all along without pleasure, I suffered the percentage regretting my pancake with nutella in the morning
Yet, honor due to the old I think, I found myself on the same starting line as the great cross-country skiing.
I do not even name it, Norwegian  brunette hyper muscle but I watched it with eyes round as you look at an extraterrestrial (you have already seen you? Yes, today).
So I was pretty proud though a little shameful - which does not go together in fact - to find myself next to her.
I offered myself the luxury of smiling at him. I must have looked stupid. I think she did not understand.

3 Never mind. Anyway it did not see me long: after 1 km, part like a cannonball, I was slowed down by my density and the friction of the air and so I had to put the flashing
 To the top of the ascent.

It's hard enough to be doubled all along the course.
It is also hard enough to believe that there is only one left when there are 10 left.
It's downright hard not to be in shape and undergo a race as violent as this one.

But what do you feel good after you finish !!
Challenge won against my fear of racing. Fear 0 Riri 1.
Small disappointment, I was so hurt on arrival that I could not get pancakes.
Last year I had a good time. Non.

Tonight the headache has made me say that the race has torn me off some neurons. That's what hurts.
If it never happened to you, it's either that you have not gone far in the effort, or that you do not have a neuron.

Tomorrow race in town ....


Once is not customary ... running with staff members! Kiné and technician on the little muddy roads, jumping like stone kites in stone to not dirty the beautiful white socks ..... missed !!! Hehehe !!

Nice place to train, roads winding around the scots pines, crossing the wet meadows dotted with the cotton of the cotton dressing or housing a lake with black waters.

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The ski trail on wheels is huge and allows to work on various profiles. A first threshold yesterday, hard in the legs ... I begin to tell myself that the famous rise of the fjord is going to be arduous this year ... ouch ouch ouch, I groan in advance!

2  18/07/2017
Stage Norway.

This year we change our address: here we are in Sandnes on the new biathlon stadium.
For now it is rolling. Surveyed 4h, two successive aircraft have achieved the double feat of changing us not only from country but also from season.

The summer here obviously has not started, the grass is still green (I had forgotten that it normally grows this color) and apparently nobody is lacking water.
Our shoes attest after the running race of this aprem.
But still this mineral landscape I like.

(If it could not too much rain on my head ...)
(Because anyway, I like better than before the rain but not on my head)
(do not abuse)
(And then if you could eat a little more vegetables)
(But well it looks cool anyway)

  14/07/2017 2

Small family trip in the South Vercors. The accommodation "hotel trafic" is to recommend. The hosts are friendly enough! The meal rather summary: "pasta with salt and oil" and melon .... but good mood, landscapes and tranquility are my training buddies.
Adèle wants to repaint the truck in pink. Besides if it stopped at the truck it would be pretty cool but she also wants to repaint the house in pink.
This must be the "pink" gene of his father's hidden Y chromosome.
After I tell myself that if she can see life in pink ... it's no worse!

Training at Corrençon en Vercors
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04/07/2017 : 

Small pictures of the mtb outing this morning ....

After new skiing green wheels, I have a beautiful new green bike !!!
Hahaha you are greens you too huh? !!
It is true that when you have this sun there my job is pretty cool.And under this magnificent time even the Vercors takes itself for Paradise.
Discovering all the new little single tracks of the Sambue, Herbouilly plain, Julien castle ... we "frog" in the woods the banana like never before.
The only problem is the aesthetics: my helmet does not want to stay well. It can be either backward or on the short side, whatever the helmet or sport I always look stupid.
Tomorrow skiing wheel after tomorrow skiing wheel and after after tomorrow skiing wheel.


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cours de tir 1 cours de tir 217/06/2017

 taken a few days earlier at the training at home,
by my side a careful spectator who tried to respect the instructions: do not touch mom! Hard hard for a little girl to resist the temptation !!
Internship in Prémanon
training camp in Prémanon (Jura),
 with a new roller ski specially made for me, green and three design ! Thanks Nordeex !
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02/06/2017 2
Following the first training course in Antibes, the "PO" course was organized as "Olympic Preparation" in La Londe les Maures.

A fairly friendly stay in good company, the opportunity to meet all those champions we watch on TV but we dare not - lack of opportunity for some or courage for me -

The opportunity also, the warmth and the sun helping, to appreciate the rather nice physique of our male athletes :)))))
A slightly soft start with an afternoon petanque in the dust and a lead sun as heavy as our balls. Then, well-filled and much more fun days with raids,
 Sailing or a quick (quick) tour of the magnificent island of Porquerolles.

My team (team 9) who has been on all the podiums everyday to the great damn of the other jealous embittered accused us of wrong cheating, gave himself thoroughly from start to finish
 And allowed me to make nice encounters. Among other things a certain Martin Fourcade whom I did not know very well and who is rather nice finally.


Returning now on our grounds more humid and less warm therefore more dressed (damage) for further preparation.

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others photos "Olympic Preparation" in La Londe les Maures
First stage. It is a big Ririe who landed in Antibes join the rest of his troop. A Ririe well motivated to resume training, which find that skiing on roulette is still difficult especially when it is hot, especially since it is heavier and tries to somehow melt in the sun Too full of fat that sneakily accumulated under his skin.
Thin it is hot, I realize that it will be necessary to put me in swimsuit, but where are my abs ??? !!!

We are in Antibes, at the end of the A7 motorway which is not often taken ....
Direction that smells of thyme, broom, sun on skin and salt in the wind. Direction that feels good holidays.
That's why my body protests when I ask him to get back to work.
And yet, as it is good to move again, technical details in the head, sweat cravings and new challenges.

Haaaaa, after a day of training in the South, the big Ririe evolves: it is a big Ririe red like a tomato !!